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Works vs. Fruit / Double Minded

Posted by Tkulp , 28 October 2018 · 0 views


Fireweed Trekker,


I don't hang out here very much anymore, but was lead to your statement/question through the sidebar on Tozer's devotional.


I believe that you are correct with your idea of "Multiple perspectives". (The input from two different or opposing spirits.)


"James 1:7-8 ...he must ask in faith without doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed around by the wind. For that person must not suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord, since he is a double-minded individual, unstable in all his ways."


Simple as I can state it, faith comes from intimate relationship, (hearing and obeying). Doubt comes from Satan, disobedience, as result of being conformed to this world and its philosophies. We can not serve two masters!


Strong's Greek Dictionary defines 'double minded' as "two spirited, that is, vacillating (in opinion or purpose)". Thayer's Greek Definitions adds the idea of "divided in interests".


People that believe Satan's lies about life and eternity and "try" to be Christian are two spirited. They have one foot in the Word and one foot in the World.


James says that they are unstable in all their ways. A 'way' is a path or road with a destination. You can not go to two different destinations at the same time!


You can not love God and the World at the same time, but many so called 'Christians' believe that they can and that Jesus will fix it all in the end. This idea is confusion and not supported by the Spirit of the Word of God.


Back to your statement... "To me that is looking at a problem or a set(s) of ever-changing; ongoing; no end in sight (in this life) to manage or leading to resolution from different viewpoints."


Yes, this is true if you are double minded (two spirited), in this life, as well, you will be in the next, according to my reading of the Word of God.


Humanism, Feminism and Psychology are the Worlds way. Satan has convinced mankind that they can be a part of Christianity. This idea is double mindedness! Those philosophies are truly opposites of God's way. The world and its philosophies feeds and edifies the self-life or flesh. God's way says that the self-life or flesh must die; totally dead.


In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus shares the concept that a bad plant can not produce good fruit, nor can a good plant produce bad fruit.


Every one must evaluate the fruit of their lives! Is it good or bad? You can try all you want to be good but, if you are regularly producing bad fruit it is because you are growing on a bad plant; rooted in the world and your flesh.


It should be common knowledge that there is not a plant in creation that has to "TRY" or "WORK' at producing "fruit" of its own kind, whether nourishing or poisonous, for the one that eats it!


Fruit is the natural, effortless product, of any plant, for the purpose of recreating 'like' life or new plants of its own kind.


John 15 is very clear in the idea that Jesus is the vine that we are to be grafted in to Him, as a branch, in order that we will no longer produce bad fruit but good fruit. His sap (His divine influence) must be continually flowing through us.


The Father is the gardener that will cut off and burn any branch that does not produce fruit, but He prunes the branches that are producing fruit in order that they will produce more and better fruit.


Our responsibility is to put on the robe of righteousness we have been given, real grace, the divine influence; which is found by sitting intimately and faithfully at the feet of Jesus; with a passion of heart and mind, for being taught by the Holy Spirit.


If you choose to sit at the feet of the world; the media feed from internet and TV, etc. you will be influenced by the world and its philosophies, instead of the Divine. You will be double minded, and, as you stated, ever trying to solve your problems from the worlds continually changing viewpoints.


Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the Truth and the ONLY way, (path or road) to life and the Father. Remember the fact that an individual can not be on two different paths at the same time without confusion and being unstable in all their ways!


Those that Jesus called to be followers immediately changed paths. They left their boats and nets, their source of livelihood, immediately, to follow Jesus, to learn and become like Him. Theirs was not just a confession of belief.


Their actions were a fruit of their beliefs. Their actions were not 'works' that they had to 'try' to do to get eternal life! With out their actions of leaving the world's way they could never have been Jesus' disciples. Without their 'faithfulness' and 'obedience' they would never have become apostles producing the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the seeds of which brought new life to those that ate that supernatural fruit.


Thanks for your sincere comment about the mind of the modern, double minded, confused believer!!


Please understand that their is a way, through the intimate divine influence of Jesus Christ, which brings light that dispels all darkness, as well as the the powers of darkness! Jesus is the Light! He died that we might be totally free from the power of self and sin as He comes to live within those that follow His path. Take up your cross and follow Him! It leads to abundant Life!




PS Simpson's devotional for today October 28, 2018 is really good in application. "It is not our success in service that counts, but our fidelity." <https://www.cmallian...n?mmdd=1028>Matthew 7:15-23


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