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Rosh Hashanah; Harvest Time

Posted by Tkulp , 15 September 2020 · 0 views

Here are some things that God is doing in my life; feeding my hungry spirit.


This morning I received an email from the Jewish “Chabad” organization.
For most of my adult life the Jewish nation, its people and their beliefs have been very important to me. At times I have communicated with Rabbis, thus the connection to Chabad.
I consider them to be special in God’s eyes as well as the foundation of my knowledge of the heart of God (the Old Testament) and what He has provided for us through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus our Messiah. (the New Testament)
I felt to publicly share what I have received this morning regarding each of us as individuals before a Holy God. From the letter I was lead to review the meaning of “Rosh Hashanah” a time of harvest. Jesus told His disciples that the harvest was ripe.


Rosh Hashanah will be celebrated by the Jewish Nation, September 18-20, 2020.
Are we ready for a very special Harvest? Will it be this year? It will happen!!!
The burden of my heart is for a large group of people that are walking on the broad path rather than the narrow path. They believe, but do not have an intimate relationship of obedience to the Will of the Father. The light that they are walking in is really darkness of the worst kind.




Email to me, from the Chabad Organization


By the Grace of G‑d


Dear Mr. Kulp*,


If there was ever a time during our lifetimes that we'd all together cry out to G‑d from the deepest recesses of our hearts, that time is surely now, this Rosh Hashanah.
"Who shall live and who shall die... Who shall be tranquil... Who shall suffer... Who shall be humbled..." This has all suddenly become so much more tangible and real.
If we ever lost perspective about what's truly important; if we ever got carried away with our positions, our money or our power (including our lack of them); the radical changes our world has undergone have shaken us to the core, given us a reality check, reminded us what's fleeting and what is forever.
In fact, along with the immense upheaval and displacement, we've been blessed:
We've been granted new humility, new appreciation for our collective interdependence, and new recognition of our deeply personal and palpable responsibility to our Father in Heaven, Master of the World!
We also learned that we cannot be complacent, we can't simply sit back and rest on our laurels.
Indeed. We must all act. Now.

* * *

We must each incorporate more time in our lives for G‑d — to think about our responsibility to Him, and to act on His loving lifelines to us: His Torah and His mitzvos.
We must each uplift and make sacred our personal spaces, our homes, our havens. (If forced to spend Rosh Hashanah at home, let our walls be permeated with the power of our prayers!)
And we must each take more time and spend more of our precious resources to help one another — and to remember the truth that when we do so we're really helping ourselves!

* * *

At Chabad.org our team is going on six months of 'round the clock work to meet the urgent and diverse needs of countless people and communities around the globe, to provide:
  • Positive food for thought to counteract anxiety and gloom
  • Practical tips and resources for living through these times
  • Immense amounts of content in eight languages for children and adults of all walks of life, all across the globe
and particularly of late --
  • Tools and content to empower people with everything necessary to celebrate the impending most unprecedented Rosh Hashanah holiday in modern times, whether in the synagogue, at home or on the street corner.
Young and old, novice and experienced hand — all turn to Chabad.org to learn, discover, plan and, yes, celebrate. And we try our very hardest—and then some!—to accommodate and help every single one.




Wikipedia definition of;


Rosh Hashanah




“…..However, ordinary years, Sabbatical years, Jubilees, and dates inscribed on legal deeds and contracts are reckoned differently; such years begin on the first day of the lunar month Tishri (usually corresponding to the months September–October in the Gregorian calendar). Their injunction is expressly stated in the Hebrew Bible: "Three times in the year you shall keep a feast unto me… the feast of unleavened bread (Passover)… the feast of harvest (Shavuot)… and the feast of ingathering (Sukkot) which is at the departing of the year" (Exo. 23:14–16). "At the departing of the year" implies that the new year begins here.”


“…..The Mishnah contains the second known reference to Rosh Hashanah as the "day of judgment" (Yom haDin).[13] In the Talmud tractate on Rosh Hashanah, it states that three books of account are opened on Rosh Hashanah, wherein the fate of the wicked, the righteous, and those of the intermediate class are recorded. The names of the righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life and they are sealed "to live". The intermediate class is allowed a respite of ten days, until Yom Kippur, to reflect, repent and become righteous;[14] the wicked are "blotted out of the book of the living forever".[15]
Some midrashic descriptions depict God as sitting upon a throne, while books containing the deeds of all humanity are opened for review, and each person passes in front of Him for evaluation of his or her deeds.”




The following videos are a P.S. (post script); these sites have been an encouragement to me in my desire to have a daily walk of obedience to the Holy Spirit.





Thanks for the video and papa's burgeria information.

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