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The Marriage App

Posted by Kent Copley , 24 November 2013 · 1429 views

The Marriage App
November 22, 2013

I am would like to share a resource with you that I believe is helpful to the marriage relationship. Marriage. Talk about a hot button. Through the lens of society or various cultures there are so many opinions, aren’t there? If we were to bring up the topic of marriage in the office, amongst friends, and or church attendees, we would receive a truckload of opinions on the roles and responsibilities of the husband and wife relationship. What used to be commonly accepted basic understandings of marriage have radically changed. In fact, one of the ministries of our church has been to host a “Couples Retreat.” However, due to current trends, as a staff we felt it best to rename the special weekend to a “Marriage Retreat.” Why? There are so many different perspectives on the marriage relationship.

The Marriage App: Unlocking the Irony of Intimacy is a book written by Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen. It’s a biblically grounded resource with the Friesen’s personality sprinkled throughout. The Friesens have significant pastoral ministry, family camp leadership, marriage counseling, and they work with professional athletes as well. Their love for the Lord and marital life experiences can be read in their book. Elizabeth Hasselbeck, formerly of “The View”, wrote the forward which says, “Paul and Virginia Friesen, fundamentally grounded in Christ, have thoughtfully represented both sides of the aisle in creating The Marriage App, a practical, APPlicacle handbook for everyone who wants to get married, and stay married.”

I lead a men’s group on Wednesday nights geared to men who love sportsmen activities, like fishing and hunting. We gather for the purpose of journeying through life together. We pray, have a Bible study, and if we have time, talk about something related to the outdoor sportsman. I am in the process of leading these men through The Marriage App, and they love it. I’m surprised. These macho sportsmen are not only reading the material but also sharing what they are learning. Many are realizing how far off they are in their marriage relationship.

I highly recommend this book to you as a valuable resource to your marriage relationship, as well as those you may be working with in your area of ministry. In addition there is now a The Marriage App, app. Download it (look for the one with wedding rings…it’s free). It’s user friendly and a helpful way to daily focus on your marriage relationship. In addition, not only does it parallel the book, but also sends you daily prompts on ways you can bless you spouse. Please check it out.

Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving week.

Kent Copley

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