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Prayer: The Primary work of God's People

Posted by David Manske , 02 April 2014 · 1827 views

Our local churches pray! My family and I have benefited from the intercession of Alliance people. Personally, I’ve seen God’s hand move and open opportunities for our church plants, showing God’s blessing and fruitfulness. Firsthand, I’ve seen God do amazing things for our IWs, whom we back in consistent prayer.

Thank you, to the many prayer warriors, dedicated prayer groups, and churches who are gifted, called and/or simply obedient in prayer! You may have noticed that the Alliance weekly prayer page has global prayer requests, including some specifically related to our U.S. Districts. Please utilize these prayer items weekly (you can download the app).

Last year I was in one of our Ethiopian congregations, and was humbled by their practice of prayer for hours, every Saturday morning. The focus of their intercession was and still is, to see God bring a spirit of revival to all of the evangelical churches of the metro Twin Cities! I still remember how God touched me the moment this was explained to me…

This year, many of our churches are praying through the Waymaker’s “Seek God For The City” a valuable prayer guide leading up to Palm Sunday. Thank you, for hearing God’s heart for the people around us and around the world. Thank you for praying for the salvation of people in the cities around us, and around the world!

You can join in prayer today. Go ahead and utilize the “Seek God for the City” guidelines this week. Randy Junker, at Grand Rapids Alliance Church, has told me that he uses it in his church all year long. You can even download it as an app. It’s also in Spanish. You can carry it with you throughout 2014!

You can unite with others in prayer on May 1st for the National Day of Prayer. For those in the metro Twin Cities area, you might want to head to the U of MN for the UNITE!prayer event. UNITE! is also joining hands with Revive Twin Cities, with the involvement of multiple area churches and denominations. Together, they are mobilizing more than 10,000 people to share Christ throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area. Maybe there are similar opportunities in a community near you.

You may also want to join in prayer during the 30 Days of Prayer June 28 through July 27. This time of intercession is intentionally planned during the Muslim days of Ramadan. If you choose to use it, there is a prayer guide for adults and a specific one for children. Praying in this way, and utilizing the “Bridges” DVD from Crescent Project is a great way to expand the worldview and prayer awareness within our congregations. It will even help us interact with the new Americans (immigrants) living next door!

Much of what I’ve cited above are “tools” to help us structure prayer times, or create opportunities. Overall, we need to cultivate a lifestyle of living in prayer…”breathing in and breathing out prayers.

Personal prayer, daily prayer, “arrow prayers,” unutterable prayers…God’s people live in prayer. It is essential to our relationship with our Lord in so many ways. People of God, continue to pray! Brothers and sisters in the Alliance family worldwide, continue to pray…continue to raise up another generation of people dependent upon God and dependent upon prayer!

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