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He Doeth All Things Well

Posted by Jennifer Whiteman , 25 October 2010 · 1915 views

One of our volunteers borrowed a book of poetry and just returned it back to the Archives today. As I was thumbing through it, I saw some words that reminded me of a Chris Tomlin song:

"Praise thou the Lord, O soul of mine;
He doeth all things well..." Mark 7:31-37

The poems were penned by Homera Homer-Dixon, missionary to Vietnam from 1928-1942 (see photo below). It was during years of personal trial, a failed marriage and times of poor physical health, that God taught her many precious lessons. She had quite the ministry through her writings in religious papers...and poetry.

Praise thou the Lord, O soul of mine!
He doeth all things well;
His mercy never faileth thee,
His praise thy tongue should tell.

His face doth shine through gloom and clouds;
Thy face reflects His light;
Thy countenance, by His great grace,
Shines out with heavenly light.

So hope in God, and still rejoice
Through sorrow as through joy,
Till thou in glory far above
Songs ever shall employ.

It reminded me that people have been 'singing' the same song(s) for generations...we serve a faithful God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He will always do all things well.


You can search for more info on Homera Homer-Dixon in the Alliance Magazine

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Robert Sanford
Nov 03 2010 05:35 AM
Thank you. I did not feel particularly like singing today so your words helped me push past my feelings and declare the truth. He really does all things well whether I see it or not.
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