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COVID Vaccination and our belief

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Posted 26 August 2021 - 01:47 PM

I am getting ready to sign my vaccination status at my work place and I am not willing to submit to the shot. I do not believe in the shot and think it is more of a way to control us and propaganda and bragging rights of counts. I work close with COVID data at my employer and to-date since 1/1/2020,  our flu counts has dropped to 0 and everything has been coded as COVID. 


I've never needed to take the flu shot until last year when my workplace required all staff to take it. Spiritually I did not feel this was the right decision and I felt this was not what I needed and wanted.


Today, these vaccines has been and is currently in "testing" phase to figure out what works or not and are being shared to the public as "the key to beat this virus". Due to media influence and opinions by paid doctors, most are giving up what they truly believed in and are following what is fed to them not knowing it is a forbidden fruit; another agenda of its own private to the public.


As a Christian, this man-made technology is nothing of value to me and is not a work of God. 


Due to the latest mandate from the gov, our employer is giving us an ultimatum, Take it or Termination. Of course there are exception options; medical/religious. 


My question: Have you taken it? Refusing it? What are your reasons?

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Posted 03 September 2021 - 11:32 AM

Your commitment to following your conscience is commendable and yes, it appears the government is over reacting and misidentifying flu and colds and other medical problems to Coved in order to substantiate their attempts to persuade us to accept their remedies and directives so it does fall on us on whether to listen to them or not. I am a senior aged person with some health problems so I did choose to get the vaccine but I intend not to get the boosters. I also got a flu shot as I have for many years and that was due mostly that physicians have found it effective at least to mediate the severity. Look to God for his leading you. 

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Posted 11 September 2021 - 11:31 PM



You are doing great by following your inner leading as a Christian. Biblically, I believe that we are being prepared for the mark of the beast that will be required in order to buy or sell.


Deception will by so deceiving that we will only know the truth via the Holy Spirit, the Divine presence with in true believers, leading and guiding them moment by moment.


I have not taken the vaccination nor have I had any preventative inoculations since small pox at age 6. I have lived through the polio epidemic and everything else since, without man's preventative methods. I have never had a flue shot.


I was brought up with the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is the Great Physician. We are finding that we are surrounded, in the country with healthy as well as healing plants. Not to the point of surviving on them yet though. Smile! I understand that the early settlers lived off of parts of the pine tree. I have enjoyed pine needle tea. Our Heavenly Father is the greatest provider, but sometimes He may wait to see if we really Trust Him. Those times can be tough.


We have had 6 children since 1971 and non of them received any of the shots given to children. They all were home schooled. As far as I know they are all following my wife and my example regarding modern medicine. We have 40 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren.


I am regularly amazed how God has prepared for my family beginning years ago, in ways that I had no knowledge of. Namely putting me into my own business. I believe that He has been doing the same for all His children whether they see it or not.


Eat health, obey the Word of God and the Holy Spirit's checks on your heart and have a strong immune system. God has created our bodies to kill the bad bacteria with good bacteria when it enters the body. If we are not living off of dead processed food.


We have found kefir to be an excellent immune builder along with other fresh and fermented foods.


It is enough for me to put the natural immune builders into my body as the Holy Spirit leads me.


On that subject I would encourage you to watch Christian Nutritionist Barbara O'Niell previously from Australia.



Valuable Nutritionist.Barbara O'Neill Health Sessions

Session 1 https://www.youtube....h?v=2UUcRIqZGqQ


You should be able to find all 13 sessions by searching for them one at a time with the following titles.

As of the writing of this post, they are still available on You Tube.


Session 1. The True Cause of Disease. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 2. The Body Garbage Disposal Unit Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 3. The Liver - Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 4. Hormone Imbalances. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 5. Pure Air and Temperance. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 6. Sunshine and Rest. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 7. The Acid and Alkaline Balance. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 8. Fantastic Fats. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 9. The Wonders of Exercise. Barbara O'Neill. HD  

Session 10. The Importance of Water and Salt. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 11. The Frontal Lobe. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 12. The Laws of the Mind. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 13. Poultices and Their Applications. Barbara O'Neill. H


If you can not find all the sessions let me know and I will post links here or on my blog.



Regarding the following, I would encourage that anything that you do is not out of fear.


Satan was tormenting me the other week and as I committed it to the Lord He reminded me of Psalms 91. Wow what a promise for those that stay, live intimately under His shadow!!!



I just received the following from my pastor on Covid. I have not listened to the entire video. I do not need to know all the facts of evil in our government or fill my mind with the roots of the evil.


Trusting and obeying His Word, moment by moment, is the only way to be happy in Jesus and know His Peace.


So having said all of that here is one doctor's information / knowledge on Covid scandle etc.




PS In our area we hear of employers are giving their workers the same ultimatum as you, vaccinate or else terminate, but there are signs all over the place wanting to hire workers, at all levels.


May the Lord Bless you and keep you and encourage you, May His face shine upon you and give you His Peace!!