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Manhattan Miracle?

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Posted 23 April 2021 - 07:14 AM

Manhattan Miracle?


Several years ago, we were told that Nyack’s re-entry into the financial district of Manhattan was a miracle.  It ends up that this “miracle” was paid for with crippling debt. 


Nyack’s move to some of the most expensive locations in the country necessitated separating Nyack’s teaching facilities from the dorms.  Nyack’s dorms are now located across the Hudson River in New Jersey.  These dorm rooms cost students about 50% more than the dorms at the former facility.  As a result, Nyack students will likely take on an even greater debt burden.   


Just as troubling as the higher cost of Nyack’s dorms is the fact that they share the building with a hip LGBTQ+ bar - the Headroom.   Sure, we need to minister to the community – yet is it wise to house naïve hormone-infused college freshmen next to a drag-show bar?


In the near future, you may be asked to support Nyack financially.  Think and pray about it first.


Douglas Oliver

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Posted 23 May 2021 - 03:51 AM

In every biography of A.B. Simpson, he is reported to have said that two things influenced his decision to move his Bible school from New York City to Nyack, New York, less than thirty miles away: 1) the high cost of living for students and faculty. 2) The temptations and worldly influence of the city.


He found in Nyack the serenity and peace he wanted for his students. He also felt the move was God-ordained because students could still visit Manhattan on weekends to witness, hold street meetings, preach, pass out gospel tracts, work in soup kitchens and lead people to Jesus.


To throw our precious young people back into the Manhattan environment in today's culture is tantamount to tossing them into a den of starving lions.


Hundreds of Nyack alumni feel that the selling of the crown jewel of the Alliance, Nyack College On-The-Hudson, is not the "Manhattan Miracle," but the "Manhattan Mishap" that could have been avoided.


May God and Dr. A.B. Simpson forgive us.


Mariane Holbrook

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