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Why my pastor rocks!

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#1 Marvin Harrell

Marvin Harrell

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Posted 05 October 2010 - 01:55 PM

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. And I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our "shepherds" than to create a dialogue about what our pastor, preacher, or reverend has taught, lead, or prayed us through. I'm ready to hear what you have to say about the leader in your church!
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#2 Casey Chen

Casey Chen


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Posted 06 October 2010 - 07:51 AM

I really appreciate my pastor, Pastor David Clark, because he does not shy away from some sensitive topics for his Sunday sermons. Other pastors might not preach on the same thing or get near it, but Pastor Dave will and take it head-on, and sends it home with each and every one of us of the congregation of about a hundred.

Another reason why I appreciate him is that he has been with our church in Richland for over 30 years. Not many pastors that I personally have heard of have been with the same church close to that long. Most pastors that I see today outside of the Alliance are young and in their 30s, maybe. But regardless of age, Pastor Dave never seems to falter.

My father came from Cambodia back in the 1970s and the church sponsored him and his siblings to come over, and at the head of that was Pastor Dave. It feels weird, but good, that Pastor Dave knew my dad when he was in his early twenties, and he's (dad) now in his mid-fifties.

It is just really nice to have a pastor whom you know has been around for a long time and knows the church inside and out, and most of its congregation, who most have been hear since the early 80s, at least. I hope he stays around for many more years and continue to get in front of the congregation every Sunday and preach. Thank you, Pastor Dave!

#3 Patti Q

Patti Q


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Posted 07 October 2010 - 07:46 PM

Pastor Mike Hardesty from Alliance Community Church in Duluth Minnesota rocks because of his dedication to God!!! He leads us in God's truth always and he continues to search and learn what God wants for him, his family and our congregation. Mike has a huge and deep concern that all peoples everywhere come to know Christ.

I am so appreciative of the way he counsels me and that he seeks out others to help with my needs. I know that he has great vision for our church and its peoples and that he cares for each person individually.

I also want to say that his family rocks too! Darla, Lydia and Jonathan are the best!!! I am so blessed to have them in my life!!!!

May God bless them all in a mighty way!!!! (Even their dog Bowser!!) :D

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#4 jberger62



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Posted 15 November 2010 - 10:39 AM

A few weeks back my past gave a seromon as part of a series he calls The Core.
it was about Genesis, which i have read more the nonce and most of us are very famailiar with the Adam and Eve story. However his sermon clicked with me and really opened my eyes with resepct to "the fall" and how that relates to us today.
the sermon can be found at
http://www.bedfordco...org/index.shtml and it called The love obstruciton tree.
here's a link to the mp3 file.

in short he refers to how we replaced God at the center of our lives and that it was God's job to detemrine right and wrong and when we took on that job we moved into the center and pushed God out. but listen to the sermon he says it much better then i do. Ever since this sermon i have been seeing and hearing references all over the place the tie back to this Genesis concept, so i have to assume God is speaking to me. So i gfelt compelled to share and to brag a little about my pastor.

The Love obstruciton tree

#5 Guest_Troy McLaughlin_*

Guest_Troy McLaughlin_*
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Posted 22 January 2011 - 10:06 AM

My pastor rocks, because he truly loves and cares for his sheep. He demonstrates this in many ways, but the most significant way is by speaking hard words. What do I mean by this? Getting in my face, calling me on the carpet and ultimately rebuking me for sin in my life. When he does this, he does not do it in an aloof way, as though he himself were above temptation. He does it out of genuine concern for my soul. In fact, it's clear to me that my pastor cares far more about my soul than he does about whether or not I like him, and that is precisely why he rocks.

#6 Kim Hudson

Kim Hudson

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Posted 28 February 2011 - 07:01 PM

I am thankful for a pastor who consistently preaches the Word. He challenges and encourages us. He leads our congregation with humility and grace. We are truly blessed to have him.