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The Beginning of All Revelation

Posted by AWBohne , 19 June 2019 · 0 views

Genesis 1:1 The Beginning and Foundation of All Revelation


Genesis means "beginnings" and the first book of the Bible begins by raising our thoughts to the most important subject matter for us as human beings - the existence of God. "In the beginning God." God has a purpose here when He begins His revelation to us - He wants us to see Him; that He is; that He exists. Before any details of the creation are revealed God says, "this is the most important thing for you to know and understand - that I AM. That I am to be first in your thoughts." Genesis 1:1 elevates our minds to this foundational and principle truth.


These opening words, as mentioned, are found in the Bible which many say is a Christian book or a Jewish book and so believe these words are not for them. But the Bible is much more than something simply Christian or Jewish and we must be very careful not to reduce it down to a book of one particular religion or people. The initial phrase here extends us beyond these limited boundaries. Looking back, the writer of Genesis is saying, "Before any of us were here I AM was there." God was back there, with no beginning, waiting in eternity to create a beginning. And when the Bible tells us God spoke to the void and said, "let there be," everything that now is suddenly had a reference point, a moment in time in which all the people and religions and philosophies of the world could trace their heritage back and say "this is where we have come from." But God says I always was here. Chrisitianity cannot say the same nor can the Jewish people. This is why I say we must be wary of reducing the Bible down to being merely a Christian or Jewish book.


The doctrines of Christianity and Judaism both find their source in the Bible but what we define as Christian doctrine or Jewish doctrine are, in reality, the doctrines of God so long as they remain accurate and true. God was there before the Christians, before the Jews, and for that matter, before the entire human race with all its varying ethnicities, religions and philosophies. Take this truth outward a little further and we come to the simple and obvious conclusion that all things find the source of their existence, their origin point, their beginning, in God. This is not to accuse God in any way; that is to say, because all things can trace their existence back to God, God is therefore responsible for all the religious and philosophical distortions of Himself that have emrged through time. Not so. God reveals and man interprets, but he often interprets both himself, the world, and God in a manner contrary to the revelation. What it does mean is that at one time all religion and philosophy emerged from a single Source of truth. Though man has distorted his religion down through the corridor of time, Genesis 1:1 brings us to the past where the only religion that existed concerned the one true God and all philosophy of life flowed from the reality of His being - that He is - that He is true - that He is one - that He is a spirit without ethnicity and without religion


God, then, is for everyone though everyone is not for Him. Nevertheless, bring the atheist back to the origin point of his atheism and God is there. Bring the Communist back to the origin point of his communism and God is there. Bring the philospher back to the origin point of his beliefs and God is there. Bring the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Muslim, or any other religionist back to the origin point of their beliefs and the one true God is there. And none of us can get away from Him. We can try and rationalize and philosophize Him and reduce Him down to a principle or concept. We can try to limit him to a doctrinal creed of one particular denomination. We can attempt to extract Him from the Bible and reinsert Him into the pages of some other religious writings. We can attempt to expand Him to all religious persuasions. We can accuse Him of being the offspring of a creative imagination. In every case it won't do us any good. God begins to reveal Himself to the world in Genesis 1:1 and all interpretation of Him must therefore begin at this single point of revelation. We dare not attempt to occupy this space with science, philosophy or competing religions. "In the beginning God" must stand alone, and will stand alone no matter how zealous some try to deny or distort it. From this revelation we work outward along Biblical lines, working through the Word, observing God's actions, reflecting on His character and meditating on His words. And at any point along the way where His revelation is contradicted by creed or conscience, religion or philosophy, bias or prejudice, the source of contradiction must be renounced and personality must morph and change and conform with what God has revealed about Himself in His chosen revelation of Himself - the Bible.

Praise the Great God, maker of all things, in whom all things consist.

Praise the vastness of you creation.  Praise the infinitesimal intricacy

inside atoms and subatomic particles of your design and operation.

Thank you for ordaining mathematics and science, which in their own

ways are as beautiful and elegant as music and poetry.

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