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Where is God, When Evil Strikes?

Posted by DeVonna , 14 November 2015 · 1424 views

Where is God, When Evil Strikes?

Where is God on nights like the one we’ve just witnessed in Paris? Where is He when terrorists strap explosives to their own bodies and mingle with crowds of innocent people? Where is He when gunmen wander at will through a darkened theater, methodically shooting anyone who catches their sight? In all the tragedies of life the Lord God assures us, He is still here. Call upon Him, He is with us. (Luke 11:9) Seek Him and He shall be found.


When we are overwhelmed by the despicable evil we witness in our fellow man we sometimes forget to look for God. The Bible says, There is nothing done in the darkness that is not the light of day to Him. This is not to say God will interfere in the individual will of a man or woman, and force them to do His will; that is not God’s way. But how can we see God in the midst of such incomprehensible tragedy?


We see him in the cabby who spent the rest of the night giving his riders free transport to safety. We see Him in the aid workers who rushed to help the injured and dying. We see Him in the goodness, kindness, love and support in the world that rises up when a tragedy like this happens. These are the times when we see Him most, if we will just be open to Him. In the days and weeks ahead, you’ll see the stories, the stories of sacrifice, protection, love and aid, all that were rendered in the wake of these terrible acts. We will hear stories of lives miraculously spared, even as we grieve the senseless loss of life. If we choose to, we will see and admit God was at work, even in the midst of the terror. Psalm 139:1-14 comforts and helps me in such times.



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