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Have you ever

Posted by Merilyn Lauffer , 30 July 2015 · 1693 views

Have you ever been prompted to pray for someone? I am sure you have. In our busy lives we often make a mental note and hopefully remember to pray for that person later. At our best, we stop everything and lift our hearts to the Lord and pray.


Have you ever been prompted to go to that person and pray for them right then and there? It happens to me often. Sometimes I stand humbled that the Lord used me in time of a need that I knew nothing about. I am sure you have these stories as well!


Have you even been prompted to pray for a stranger in a grocery store? I'd like to know because it happened to me yesterday after overhearing two women talking. One had cancer and was wearing a face mask to protect from germs, and the other had gone through the cancer journey with her father. As I pushed my cart passed the produce, I heard The Lord say, "Go back and pray for her."


I didn't argue. I had listened to the voice of the Lord before and found him faithful, even in praying for someone I didn't know well, and in a public place. But this time, I didn't even know this women's name (Her name is Gloria and she turned out to be a glorious person!) and there were quite a few people in the produce section including the gal who was still talking to Gloria. I edged my way politely into the conversation, adding that I too have a chronic illness and how sweet of the younger gal to reach out and encourage Gloria. After a few engaging moments, I asked Gloria if I could pray for her. She gladly agreed. Ignoring the others, who were nearby picking out their veggies, I laid my hand on her and prayed.


My new friend left the supermarket with my name address and phone number and the knowledge that God knows all about her need and had reached out to her even while bagging bell peppers. God wanted Gloria to hear more than a pep talk from a kind heart. He wanted to break into her everyday chore to show her He cares. He uses everyday us to do it!


This experience reminded me how much God loves everyone. He longs to reach out and tell them. Gloria is new to the state and her friends are back east. God wanted her to know even though she is living far away, she is not alone in her distress. He places us intentionally to bring love and hope to the lost and hurting. Acts 17:26b- 27 says that He has pre-appointed our times and boundaries of our dwellings so that we might seek him, even though he is near by. Further, He has placed us so that we might provide access to Him.


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Greg Kensson
Aug 01 2015 02:24 PM

Merrilyn, this is an encouraging post.  Thank you.

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