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Posted by samantha ivonne , 11 February 2011 · 819 views

Feeling a little tired and fainthearted. I know sometimes you are bound to feel like giving up, but everyday? Well latley God has been speaking to me and drawing me to be closer to Him. What an honor I know, but for some odd reason I felt very resistant. What would happen if i lost all control and was responsible for the things i did and didn't do? I know dramatic, but that's what i was thinking in a nutt shell. Being selfish and wanting my life to be my life, but it doesn't work like that! God has control over everything anyways and the things He calls us to do is for our good- His glory. He just wants to be close. He wants us to enjoy Him, laugh with Him! I never thought GOD had a sense of humor, but why would He give us one if He didn't have one!? Duh. He doesn't expect us to fall in love with Him by ourselves. He is included in the matter. He wants to whoo us and dazzle us. Just by including Him in everything we do. Talking to him while we're taking a shower when we need to vent let it all out to Him. I know it's not hard or God wouldn't call us to do it! He intended us to function in Him not on our own strength! I love you God:)

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