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MISSIONS SUPPORT: Be on the winning team.

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Posted 04 August 2021 - 07:33 AM


Title: MISSIONS SUPPORT: Be on the winning team.


In this video we'll see…

  1. What it costs to participate in missions,
  2. An Apostles encouragement to support missions
  3. How to support missions today,
  4. What we can expect if we support missions,


Link to today's text:  3 John (ESV) - Biblia.com



This  video is adapted from the messages of Sonrise Fellowship, where we believe “Scriptures  Makes a Difference.”


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This is original content based on the personal study of Rev. Mike Sommerfeld, Pastor of Sonrise Fellowship in Enid, OK. All images used in this video are believed to be in the public domain.



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Bible references and quotes where found using the Logos Library System. For more information visit Logos Bible Software


Other resources I sometimes use:

Online Etymology Dictionary | Origin, history and meaning of English words (etymonline.com)


Dictionary.com | Meanings and Definitions of Words at Dictionary.com

1611 KING JAMES VERSION (1611 BIBLE) (kingjamesbibleonline.org)


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