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Thoughts on a prayer

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Posted 29 April 2019 - 03:46 AM

I have read Daniel 9:1-23 many times, studied it in SS, heard sermons about it, and read multiple commentaries about it. It is a well thought out prayer and could be called a model prayer for us all. This week though I read it again and was struck by the prayer, what happened, who was there, and the significance of who was there. Enough to stop me during my studies and turn on a light. Kinda like picking up a pan I didn`t know was hot and experiencing a jolt from the burning.

 First, I noticed that Daniel was a Bible reader(or scroll reader) and he got some information, Secondly, I noticed that he immediately went to the Lord and reminded Him of His promises, and was then visited by Gabriel who Told him he was "dearly beloved by God". All parts of the story I had known for years. As I thought about all this, I was stopped in my tracks!

  How grand it would be if during our prayers, God would dispatch and angel(archangel) to come to tell us we were "dearly beloved"! Man, would that really send my faith through the roof! No more worries, pain, struggling, all is well right? Well, the time sequence is off a bit there. It was AFTER this prayer that we have the lion`s den episode and some other pretty bad episodes for Daniel. So now we know that even after a message from God that you are "dearly loved" there may be some challenges for us here on earth.

  I have never seen an angel and I know several people who say they have, but I still would like to. How much did God love Daniel? Well, He sent an angel to tell him how much and the had that angel explain future things to him. So wow!

  Now let`s look at you and I. How much does God love US? He didn`t send a angel, He sent His only Son to tell us and to show us how much He loves us. Gabriel talked to Daniel and strengthened him, but Jesus talked, walked, lived, and then died for us...the whole time showing us hoe much God loves us! Who got the best deal here? I love to read Daniel and admire all he did in his zeal for God, but he only got an archangel in response to prayer......we received the Son of God. Wow!

  Just a few thoughts early this morning. These will carry me through the days and weeks to come. How many OT saints longed to see Jesus? They occasional got to see and hear from an angel, but WE now have Jesus! Praise God for His love, His grace, and His answers to prayer.


Peace be with everyone today,





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Posted 07 May 2019 - 10:38 AM

This is a thoughtful post and I always appreciate your words of encouragement
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