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Eternal Security

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Posted 21 January 2019 - 09:45 AM

Does the Bible actually say that; there is eternal security for us as Christians?


Please make your contributions supported with verses from the Bible. Thanks.

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Posted 04 February 2019 - 11:57 PM


 I recently noticed your post on "the doctrine of eternal security" in the 'Prayer Forum' with no responses. If you would follow this link < https://ecommunity.cmalliance.org >


You should see a list of forums under the Heading of 'Public Discussions' including 'The Prayer Space', 'Praise Reports', 'C&MA DNA',  'Deeper Life', 'Missions', etc. Under each title is a brief explanation of what the discussions in that particular forum should be about.


The forum that you choose to ask a doctrinal question in says, the discussions should be about 'Prayer'. It says, and I quote "Prayer is the primary work of God's people. Share requests, receive prayer, and discuss prayer needs and techniques here."


If you would like to view and read the ideas, opinions, doctrines and Scriptures that quite a few people have on 'eternal security' I would recommend clicking on thie following link...


< https://ecommunity.c...ernal security>



The following is another link on the same subject...


< https://ecommunity.c...ernal +security >



I would really be surprised if you will find anyone that will soon change their beliefs regarding this doctrine.


Think about it; If you had staked the greater portion of your life, faith, hope and eventual eternity on the doctrines of "justification by faith" and "by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God; it is not from works, so that no one can boast." only to be told that they were not true, what a shock!! It would be like having a rug jerked out from under you and a entire building fall down around you. I can imagine that it would be quite a sensation of horror.


To answer your question, I do not know of anyone that has stated that they knew of a scripture that actually said anyone was eternally secure; in those words. That would most likely be the reason for all the discussion and different opinions.


If I were a gambling man and did not already have a close and growing relationship with my Heavenly Father and His Son, my brother, I believe that I would put all my money on the side that there was not any such thing as being guaranteed life in heaven, without doing anything but confessing and believing.


Think about it, I have confessed and continue to confess as well as believe and been baptized, but that was just the beginning (the requirements for eternal security being met?). Now there is a growing relationship, everyday all day, being directed by the Holy Spirit, not bound to obey the desires of the senses (flesh) any more, that old nature being dead and kept dead; the goal, total maturity into the image of Jesus Christ.


So if the doctrine of 'eternal security' was true; at the judgement I would have had it all taken care of, long ago, plus more, I would have gotten to know my divine brother before I ever saw Him face to face. I would not have missed the joy of obediently serving and helping in building His Kingdom; planting, watering and reaping.


What would it be like though if the doctrine of 'eternal security' was a deception. Well for me that would be okay because I had gotten to know the advocate; walked and talked with Him every day.


But, what about the person who had staked everything on a confession and a belief? Who had not considered it necessary to separate themselves from the world and draw as close to the Father as possible? Who had done lots of church things, but had never learned the difference between the thoughts of Satan and the flesh from the mind of Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That would be truly devastating!!


Most likely it would be like the parable that Jesus told about the people who called Him Lord, Lord and did not do the things that He told them to do. Their deliverance was probably based on a work-less theology too.


Yes, I would feel a lot more secure doing too much in an effort to hear and obey, like the wise man who built on the rock, than I would being like the foolish man who heard the words of Jesus but just did not find it necessary to do what He said.


soladosu, I welcome you to the C&MA web site. Maybe you could join with me to pray for God to forgive those that are deceived in any way, regarding their relationship with Him. Pray that their blindness would not be a sin unto death; that they would be at least forgiven, but better that the Holy Spirit would take the darkness from their lives, by the power of the Holy Spirit; that they would hear the call to humble repentance and sense the drawing of the Father to a real life of deliverance (salvation) and personal relationship.


Hope you learn to find your way around this web site,