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Life & come back

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Posted 20 February 2018 - 03:07 PM

Dear Heavenly Father I come to before You today in need of rescue from the problems I have created for myself because of my sins. I pray that I can learn how to control my emotions and also show compassion.I pray for my Daughter and she will be healthy and be strong.Lord I realize how much I am in love with my baby father and I really want to be with him. Eventhough we made a child together.I pray that we will get together and that he let his guard down. I pray that he will be able to tell me everything. I pray not only we become best of friends but one day we will get married.I continue to pray for reconciliation, and for the miracle of a second chance. I believe everyone in life makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance.My love for him was unconditional, I always stood by through thick and thin. Lord do not let us stray.

I believe it was his fear of committment to walk out the door, he told me that he has ďlost faith in meĒ. Almighty God, restore his faith in us, in unconditional love and in the power of marriage.Lord, soften his stubborness and his pride, surround him with those who offer loving advice and dear Lord, reunite us. Give us a chance to continue on the journey that we started. Take away his temptations, take away ill-advices, fill his heart with the goodness of what once was. Lord, in you I trust, and to you I pray everyday. Lord, hear and answer my prayer.
Hear and answer prayers of those who cry to you because they find themselves in the same situations. Almighty God, while people can be stubborn you are the powerful one, reach out to us today, reunite not only my relationship but those relationship that are crying for help here. There are times when I feel so hopeless and desperate. There are times when I am filled with despair.
I have repented and I pray for hope and for my faith to grow. Thank you for the many blessings that you have bestowed on me. Lord, please deliver me from the consequences of my sins. God, please touch him with my love and care for him and let him feel that. Father, please let him decide to give us a chance again in our relationship and I hope he is not seeing anyone new or tempted by new people he may be meeting. God, I am so upset and I cant concentrate on what I m doing and my work.
I really miss him so much and only now that I realize how much he means to me. God, I am prepared to be totally committed to this relationship and work hard to make it work. Lord, I hope u would answer my prayers.
Even if he is not the right guy, I hope u would change him and his heart and return to me Please allow him to be touched by my sincerity and patience and my willingness to change for us.
Thanks Father for always being there for me and listening to me though I have been a disobedient son who has committed sings. I pray that my life will get better with finances and I pray that I donít get into any drama.I pray for relationship for myself. I pray that I get into a meaningful relationship with my baby father that i know cherish and love me. I pray that he will come. I pray for change in my life and feel with positivity. I pray for happiness. I also pray for healing. I pray for my family and I also pray for his family as well.Thank you for all that blessings that you have givent to me. Lord i pray that things turn around immediately. Also i pray that i get a job. Lord i pray that i won't get in any trouble. God i pray that i learned to let go. I pray that i can remove all negative thoughts and that money won't affect me or anyone that i know. I pray for a close relationship with my family.
First and foremost, I am praying for an financial breakthrough. I am stressed out that Iíve done something wrong. Lord Iíve been messing up for so long I pray that no one get affected by my choices and decisions. I am praying that all my bills and bills that are associated with me are paid. I pray for a car and a work from home position.I apologize to everyone that I push away. In life you allow things to happen that you can control. You allow people to make you feel a certain way. You allow situations and people to affect your mood and stress. You allow negative things affect your life. You allow so much that you lose yourself. Maybe I am talking from experience. Iíve allow so many situations and person affect me. Since I allow so much and took in so much, I am a person that I donít like. I allow so much that I could of prevented and it seems second nature to me. I make excuse for no reason. I allow so much negativity that comes within that I donít blame anyone to be around me.  I canít continue to allow this to happen to me. I've been some negative thinking in my life and it seems like I keep on doing the same thing over and over. I've been trying to stop doing the negative things but I've been changing little by little but not completely yet. The most negative people in my life are my family. I push people away and they are the ones who are the most positive for me. I am determined to change my life and change my way of thinking. I know it will be a long journey but it has to be done. Also I need to comfort the main source of my issues and I know when I will do it. I need to live my life and people are right I was a people pleaser so I can avoid conflict. Honestly I need to get me together. I know the biggest influence in my life and the ones who affect me the most. The thing is I canít blame them because Iíve allow. I allow all the words and actions to affect me as a person. Iíve allow them to affect others lives by association because they will affect my life so much.  I say things and it seems like nothing changes. Iím done with talking about my issues since I already know what is going on. Iíve been done all Iíve been doing is giving it to God. I know people wonít believe me and think I am denial from all of this but im not. Iíve lost my motivation in life and strength. Itís no excuse but I just want this to change so I have to make it change. I know I been causing stress to people and its all my fault. I am not happy and I havenít lived my life.
thank you for loving us and sending Jesus to give us salvation. Help Me to grow in her relationship with you and draw closer to you. Help My baby father to be willing to work on their relationship. I pray you would increase their love. Help them be the best parents to their child. please bless Me and in all her relationships, and keep her strong. Please lead Me to the best job and car , and provide for me and my child. lead her closer to her everyday.

i pray in the name of Jesus amen