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Questions about Outreach Ministries in the CMA Churches

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Meneu Yang


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Posted 17 April 2015 - 11:18 AM

So this year our youth has started a new leadership role which is Outreach Coordinator. I've read the bylaws and from what I have process so far is that the Governing Board is in charge of Outreach Ministry within the individual CMA churches.


From what I know, this new leadership role within our youth is to stay connected with the church and it's direction on outreach. Directly communicating with the governing board whenever they go outreach such as house visitations of new/old members, evangelical purposes or whenever the oppurtunity arises to reach out to any person(s). The youth outreach coordinator is to organizing the youth to attend with the Pastor, elders, ect. as they outreach in hopes to fellowship with the board, elders and parents of the church in general. To learn from how they interact with people in terms of outreach and at the same time to hopefully give a connection with the youths of the homes or families visited.


My questions is this;


1. Is what I have understood with where Outreach Ministry stands in the CMA bylaws correct?


2. Is this a good way to stay connected with the governing board and even the parents of the church as a youth? (my youth group in particular is more scared of the board and parents in general. We look up to them as they present themselves. Scary, strict old men or women.)


3. Should the youth do more in terms of outreaching? And is that acceptable in the CMA? (example: do their own outreaching outside what the Governing Board does such as events or youth home visitations)


#2 Theodore Rice

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Posted 26 December 2022 - 12:35 PM

I am surprised you never got any answer to your question. Your comments sound like your church is split by age. ("Scary, strict old men or women") .The first thing (in my opinion) is for the youth to actually get to know people on your governing board and also your elders - and vice versa.  (As other individuals first, not as "authorities" or "kids"). Both sides need to understand common differences. Older people have learned caution (sometimes too well) from experience, but younger people tend not to "look before they leap". Or the young insist on reinventing the wheel for the 700th time, while older people say "we've always done it this way" even though it obviously no longer works. This has always been true, even in Bible times. Both the young and the old need to help and temper each other! This works best if they get to know each other well enough to become friends.


My personal observation as an "old person" is that the church tends to take us for granted while focusing most of their effort on youth. But we now live in a rapidly aging society. The growing number of older folks being warehoused in nursing homes where their families seldom visit need attention from the church. The dwindling number of youth also need to be led to Christ and discipled. It is not a "one or the other" situation. Then there are immigrants, the poor, and the homeless. Jesus was right that the harvest is great but the laborers are few. We really do not have the time or the strength to be divided against ourselves by age. "A house divided against itself cannot stand". We do need to stand firm on the essentials of the faith, but other things like dress styles, music, etc. are just not that important.

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