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Books on the Deeper Life

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Posted 15 November 2016 - 09:27 AM

How sad that the topic of the ‘Deeper Life’ should become unresponsive. God created us to need feeding! Without regular feeding we become weak. The immune system loses its ability to defend. Eventually disease can set in and bring premature death.

The spiritual is no different. We will not have vibrant health by reading an occasional healthy meal, especially if our daily diet is mostly junk food.

Will Satan care if we get something good to eat once and awhile? Probably not, as long as we are focused on the vain worthless elements of this world.

I probably forget 95% of what I read within 48 hours. I must really go over and over readings and thoughts in order for them to become a living functioning part of my life.

If Satan can keep my focus on the vain aspects of this life, in this world, like food, clothing, shelter; and allow me to get a good meal every once in awhile, then He can keep me where He wants me. I will believe that I am healthy enough to get to Heaven and escape Hell, ...if I still believe that there is such a place as Hell.

If Satan can keep me satisfied, thinking that I can live in two different Kingdoms, He can keep me double-minded and luke-warm. I am not only starving to death, but I will be influencing others, by my dim light, to live in darkness.

Is there not a daily feeding that would give me daily strength, growth? God feeds the birds! Daily they go looking and find! Their immediate needs are met. They do not store up. God set the example for us, to understand this. He supplied manna for His Chosen, in the Wilderness.

Would it not be better if we were daily looking, with a passionate hunger, for the ‘Deeper Life’? Growing, Strengthening, Encouraging the inner man. Revelation 3:20 (NET)  Listen! I am standing at the door and knocking! If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come into his home and share a meal with him, and he with me.

Maybe we should re-evaluate our daily diets?  Get regular check-ups, frequently review our spiritual health report. (Example: Galatians 5 etc)

The following devotionals really ministered to me this morning. I do not want to be complacent. May I have a living faith and relationship with the Holy Spirit throughout this day. I want to be lead by that Spirit and not controlled by my senses.

When I get squeezed today or walk through the valley of darkness, may Your sweet fruit, Father, flow out, and your light shine, from within. May there be no vanity, or bitter fruit within this shell of humanity.




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