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Facing the Islamic Threat - The Liberal Quandary

Posted by James P. McGarvey , 16 February 2015 · 1057 views

Western Europe and the United States, largely governed by secularists now, evidently don't know how nor why to oppose the Islamic Jihad threatening the world. Being in denial as to its Islamic ideological/theological roots, and unable to make a moral judgment as to the evil it represents, President Obama and his lackluster Western allies remain in a moral quandary as to what course of action to take.
They fail to rightly judge the Muslim Jihad to be what its proponents and the Quran declare it to be - violent (if necessary) world conquest by a totalitarian Caliphate. To do so would be tantamount to embracing or ceding credibility to the Judeo-Christian ethic that they so adamantly dismiss. Therefore, their secular humanist and moral relativist mindset creates a moral vacuum from which to determine what lengths, if any, they should take to oppose the Islamic threat.
Isn't this the context in which Darwinian evolutionary dogma - the survival of the fittest emerges? In other words, if you deny the existence of transcendent truth meant to govern international affairs, you have no fall back except "might makes right" which is ultimately the governing principle of communism, fascism and ever other totalitarian philosophy including Islam, that threatens the freedoms derived from transcendent moral truth and natural law.
Ultimately, only the gospel provides the solution to the Islamic threat. God defines the role of government, the institution charged with the task of restraining evil, with the sword if necessary (Genesis 9 & Romans 13). And the gospel provides God's work of grace in the human heart empowering men to live in peace with one another.