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Politics & the Pulpit - Shaping a Biblically Correct Pulpit

Posted by James P. McGarvey , 20 December 2011 · 1003 views

I have not read anything as comprehensive or biblically grounded as this email sent out by Rev. Dr. Jim Garlow, theologian and Pastor of Skyline Wesley Church two days ago. It is lengthy (thus comprehensive) and worth the read. Whether you agree with his endorsement or not, the principles he raises and his analysis of the gravity of the historically unprecedented challenges facing our nation in 2012 are noteworthy.
Let me cite a few examples to wet your appetite:

“The radical secularists have attempted to silence Bible-believing pastors for the past half century. Beginning with the ‘Johnson Amendment’ (which was passed in the US Senate on July 2, 1954, by a voice vote and without discussion and which has never been tested in court for its potential violation of the First Amendment’s declaration of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of religion’), some have attempted to intimidate American pastors not to be ‘political.’

But what is ‘political’ and what is ‘biblical?’ Preaching about abortion is now declared ‘political.’ Preaching about the practice of homosexuality is now considered ‘political.’ Saying that marriage is defined as ‘one man-one woman’ is now considered ‘political.’"

"A few years ago, all of these were clearly understood to be ‘biblical,’ not ‘political.’ And ‘biblical’ they are. Thus, pastors should not be silent on these and a host of other issues (biblical foundation for taxation, issues of national debt, appropriate ways to respond to the needs of the poor, etc.)..."

Bible-based, Bible-centered pastors should be the moral compass for the nation. Speaking out on these issues should be normative for any man or woman of God. There is a new generation of pastors that is rising up. Much to the consternation of the radical secularists, these pastors understand their biblical authority and their Constitutional rights."

"...Religious liberty is a locomotive on a set of tracks, heading full steam against another locomotive called the 'radical gay agenda.' Religious liberty and the radical gay agenda cannot exist in the same nation at the same time. Leaders of both movements know this. One will win. One will lose. Soon. Very soon."

You may read Pastor Garlow’s email at: