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Good Friday - Why is it Good?

Posted by James P. McGarvey , 22 April 2011 · 1044 views

Good Friday. Why is it good? It magnifies my sin. No need for Good Friday if it were not for my sin. Like it or not, it’s that personal. So grave was my condition, left to myself, I would have been lost. Lost in the tenacious grip of sin - bound by its power - consigned to pay its penalty. But God intervened. That is why this Friday is Good.

I know this about Good Friday. His blood has covered my sin. His sacrifice has propitiated God’s judgment. The power of sin has been broken. Every day my sin stares me in the face. But I look three days beyond Good Friday. The tomb could not hold Him. He burst from the grave.

Death always precedes life. So follow the progression - receive His forgiveness on this day memorializing death - His life for ours - and begin to experience the new birth guaranteed by what followed three days later. Triumphant Sunday always follows Good Friday.