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Posted by Bob Fetherlin , 15 August 2010 · 1378 views

The loud, intense thunder shook our house. Moments later, I heard sirens coming our direction and headed outside to see what was going on. As soon I stepped out of the house, I smelled smoke. It was coming from a nearby neighbor's house that had been struck by lightening. I ran over to see if there was any way I could help.

Three firetrucks arrived almost simultaneously. Knowing many houses in our area of dry Colorado are made of wood, the eleven firefighters moved immediately into high gear. The lead firefighter quickly assessed the situation, then led the others with relentless resolve. What unfolded in front of me as I stood watching was very moving: collaboration, urgency, coordination with each person having a role that contributed to their big purpose for being there. These firefighters knew what they were up against, had mastered the use of their well-kept equipment and understood their work. They had come to save people first, then preserve as much of the house as they could. They were there to put out the fire.

A few moments later my wife joined me and noticed I had tears. They weren't because of smoke. While very concerned, I wasn't weeping because of sadness for our neighbors. Rather I was overwhelmed as I saw these firefighters working together with such focus and cooperation. I realized they had trained and practiced for such a time as this. And I knew in my heart that taking the light of Christ to people in dark, resistant places requires the same collaboration, urgency, resolve and coordination.

Both in our country, among our people and around the world among other peoples, the situation is lostness, separation from God, brokenness because of sin. Bringing the truth of the Redeemer to people through our deeds and words is urgent. If this truth is never offered to them and they never embrace it, their end is destruction. We must work in a spirit of focused collaboration to make Christ known and give lost people opportunity to experience redemption, to follow Him.

Each firefighter doing his own thing wouldn't have worked. Firefighters moving slowly when the fire was spreading quickly would have been foolish. Showing up untrained without the needed equipment would have rendered them ineffective.

The fire was quickly put out. Everyone in our neighbor's household was safe. Damage to their house was thankfully minimized.

The firefighters had achieved with excellence their purpose. Will we?

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