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Does God have a sense of humor?

Posted by Tkulp , 11 February 2019 · 0 views

Years ago, during a Sunday School illustration, as I recall, the teacher had arranged a maze in the gym.


The lesson that was being illustrated was about hearing the voice of God. We were paired up, I was with my wife, with one person being blind folded and the other at the beginning of the maze.


The blind folded individual was to listen for the voice of their partner who would guide them through the maze with simple one word directions, stop, left, right, etc.


The Sunday School teacher, who has a very distinct voice was pretending to be the world and was running distraction amidst all the other voices.


My wife is not loud for sure and tends to be a bit unassertive by nature. When the illustration began, I listened for all I was worth but could not pull my wife’s quiet voice out of the confusion of voices and soon ended up just standing still as the others were guided through the maze.


Finally, I think that the teacher had pity on me and I gathered that her voice was no longer running distraction but was trying to help me. She guided me through the maze and I arrived at the end very much one of the last to get through.


I have been many, many years in the school of God’s training to distinguish His still small voice from Satan’s and the world’s many voices and my own reasoning’s. I am slowly learning not to reason where the thought is from, but if it is good, not selfish or against the Word of God, I just go ahead and do what is in my mind.


Being retired, yet still having my own business, allows for a generally loose schedule. This morning both my wife and I got up around 5:30 to follow natures call, but as it is not light and a rainy morning we went back to bed.


The rain on a tin roof is wonderful to listen to and sleep to. I went back to meditations and sleep. Really I do not know when I am sleeping or when I am awake. I generally know when my wife gets up, but do not get up at the same time, as a rule.


This morning I knew that my wife had gotten up, but returned to my meditations and drifting in and out of sleep, evidently. Our bedroom is upstairs and our cell phones downstairs, so if she is up and I get a text she will call “Dear” and I will come down to see who is trying to communicate with me.


This morning I was expecting a text arranging an appointment with a customer, so when I heard the call “Dear” I looked at the clock, 8:00 on the dot, and came downstairs. I found my wife selecting clothes out of her downstairs closet and said, “Yes, what do you want?”


She looked at me really strange and said, “I never said anything. I didn’t call you!” If it had been anyone other than my wife, I would have thought that they were playing games with me, as my mind had heard her voice so clear and distinct. I did not think that I was asleep, but meditating on some of the Scriptures and Ideas that the spirit has been showing me.


My wife laughed and repeated that she had not said a word. I laughed also, realizing that I had listened to what I heard as my wife’s voice instantly with no reasoning or questions; much differently than I listen and respond to any other voice.


It is not new for me to be awakened by the Lord. We rarely ever use an alarm clock. When we do, most of the time I wake up a few minutes before the alarm was set to ring.


Yes to me God has a sense of humor in His training. May I continue to learn and grow into the submission and obedient example of His Son!


I am reminded of Samuel, as a child, learning to hear the voice of the Lord. I am but a spiritual child as I learn to hear and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit that goes beyond the Truth of the Word to share deliverance to a people that are in spiritual bondage and darkness, but think that they are free and in the light.


The devotional “Our Daily Walk” by F.B. Meyer was right in line with my experience this morning.


February 7



"I said, What shall I do, Lord?"-- Act_22:10.
"Not that I have already obtained, or am already made perfect: but I press on toward the goal."-- Phi_3:12-14.


WHEN THE Apostle Paul was suddenly brought into the presence of the Eternal, the whole course of his life was changed. In that flash of Light he saw the exalted Saviour, and learnt that he was antagonising the purposes of redeeming grace, and that vision altered the whole of his purposes and actions. From that great hour he forgot the things that were behind, and endeavoured to apprehend that for which he had been apprehended by Christ Jesus. It was his ambition to build his life on the pattern shown him on the mount.
Years after, as he reviewed his life-work, the churches he had founded, the cities he had evangelised, the epistles he had written, surely he might have reckoned that he had apprehended; but ever as he climbed, he envisaged heights beckoning beyond his attainments. Is not that the case with us, as we compare the vision of God's purpose with what we have realised? Oh, give us back the years that have gone, that we may do better, be more accurate and successful in the transmission to living fact of those fair ideals, which called to us years ago! The vision in the sanctuary may never be perfectly realised by these bungling apprentice-hands. Yet God accepts and forgives the mistakes, as the mother accepts the cobbled stitches of her little girl who tries to help her with her sewing. "Not that we have already attained, or are already perfect, but we follow on," and God forgives and accepts our poor patchwork!
What must we do to achieve our ideals? We must be more often in the sanctuary, in fellowship with Christ, to whose image we are to be conformed. With the Psalmist we must say: "Whom have I in heaven but Thee, and there is none on the earth that I desire beside Thee." As we look on Him, we shall be changed into His likeness. As He is, so shall we become. Martyrs on the night before their agony; reformers hesitating at their tasks; scholars wondering whether their long self-denial was worth while; fathers and mothers; teachers and workers; preachers and missionaries, all these have stood in the sanctuary of God, until they have seen the vision and ideal. Then they have reckoned that what God had taught them to long for, He was prepared to enable them to effect. "All things are possible to him that believeth."


Grant unto me grace, O Lord, that I may both perceive and know what things I ought to do, and may also have grace and power faithfully to fulfil the same. AMEN.




My Prayer is similar. My mind has a bit different understanding of the word ‘grace’. I think of the Strong’s Greek definition of ‘Grace’ which defines the kindness of God as “(as gratifying); especially the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life; including gratitude”!
Grant unto me your divine influence on my mind, O Lord, that I may both perceive and know what things I ought to do, and may also have your divine influence, including gratitude, and power faithfully to fulfil the same. AMEN.

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