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Are you 'Light'? ...'Dark'? ...or a Reflection?

Posted by Tkulp , 06 September 2017 · 611 views

The Tozer devotional really stirred my mind!


What are we? A reflection? An imitation? A source? ...?


What does the Bible say we should be? A source of Light? ...or a reflection of Light? ...or do nothing, in the way of obedience or relationship to the Heart of God, and be or remain in Darkness? Are you a salmon or a jellyfish?


A mirror is a reflection, similar to an imitation, but generally more accurate than an imitation.


The perfect mirror reflects just what is in front of it.


An imitation is what a person does with the influences that they look up to, or regard with great esteem. An imitation is also what an actor does to entertain or achieve some perceived goal.


The imitator is generally is something less than the real thing; a hypocrite, false, a deception.


Getting down to the root, we have two sources of influence. Two examples to imitate or if we really want to be serious about life, two sources of energy to live within our bodies?


For those that do not want to be imitators, they can obtain a 'power' to dwell within their shell of clay. As I have experienced, there are two directions or two sources of energy or power that we can seek after and obtain.


The one is an energy toward self exaltation and power, controlled by or influenced by Satan's realm of darkness, deception and evil.


The other is a wisdom to service; reaching out to help those around themselves, in obedience to the inner direction of God's Holy Spirit.


Basically we have two examples or influences, Lucifer and Jesus Christ.


Lucifer rebelled against God to become equal to God.


Jesus Christ submitted to God to be lowered to the state of humans.


Satan influences humans and angles, through the world and it powers, pride, pleasures, etc. selfishness and self worship.


Jesus Christ influences through His Spirit and His example of death to self, obedience, submission, service, etc. and worship of and love for the Father.


Our lives will be shaped by the influence of one or both of these sources of power. It is my belief that we can not live in a vacuum, so to speak. The double minded individual goes back and forth.


The Bible says of both Jesus and the Father, "If you love me you will keep my commandments." "You can not serve two Masters"


You will be influenced by something. With your will you will choose to follow some influences.


Maybe you have never learned to control your will and are simply attacked by, to follow, the strongest magnetic power of influence, that you are under at any given point in time.


At some point, I believe that those who will, can become the source of the power rather than a reflection of that power, whether that power be for good or evil, light or darkness.


We can be a burning light from the oil of the Holy Spirit or a deceiving, distracting energy for selfish gain, pleasure, deception and confusing darkness of sin and Satan.


Who or what do you look up to with esteem or high regard, to follow the influence of or example of?


Do you daily sit at the feet of the World or at the feet of Jesus?
Do you feed from the table of world's banquet of entertainment or are you able to find the quiet place alone with; to be taught by the Holy Spirit?


Do you understand "worship"? Who or What do you "Worship"?



Tozer Devotional Wed, September 06, 2017



The Danger of World-worship

A great deal can be learned about people by observing whom and what they imitate. The weak, for instance, imitate the strong; never the reverse. The poor imitate the rich. The self-assured are imitated by the timid and uncertain, the genuine is imitated by the counterfeit, and people all tend to imitate what they admire.


By this definition power today lies with the world, not with the church, for it is the world that initiates and the church that imitates what she has initiated. By this definition the church admires the world. The church is uncertain and looks to the world for assurance. A weak church is aping a strong world to the amusement of intelligent sinners and to her own everlasting shame.
Should any reader be inclined to dispute these conclusions, I ask him to take a look around.


Look into almost any evangelical publication, browse through our bookstores, attend our youth gatherings, drop in on one of our summer conferences or glance at the church page of any of our big city newspapers. The page that looks most like the theatrical page is the one devoted to the churches, usually appearing on Saturday. And the similarity is not accidental, but organic.


This servile imitation of the world is for the most part practiced by those churches that claim for themselves a superior degree of spirituality and boldly declare their adherence to the letter of the Word. In fact, neither the old-line ritualistic churches nor those that are openly modernistic have been as guilty of such flagrant world-worship as the gospel churches have.


You became imitators of us and of the Lord; in spite of severe suffering, you welcomed the message with the joy given by the Holy Spirit. First Thessalonians 1:6


The challenge is to be lights to the world not mirrors reflecting it. Perhaps part of the problem lies in our emphasis on congregational growth in numbers rather than in Christ-like living.


Lord, may I be not a world imitator, but of those who model You in life and ministry even at great personal cost.




I felt to edit this post to my blog with what I feel is a very important bit of knowledge about our God created mind. Unfortunately a mind that too often has been and remains conformed to the World instead of being surrendered to God's eternal values applied to our mortal beings. We are being lied and cheated out of so much of God's goodness by the world and Satan's temporal sweets.


I have just recently been lead, I believe by my Heavenly Father, to listen to a series of 13 sessions from a very impressive nutritionist. It came about, I believe, because of my hearts cry to understand what was going on in my wife's physical body. Barbara O'Neill was the answer He gave me.


My wife and I have just listened to session 12 which I have felt to link below. I have no clue what denomination Barbara is a part of, but I know that she is of the same Spirit that I have been walking with and trying to obey for years! She has the application knowledge that I so much lacked. Knowledge that I have had to take by faith as I have been impressed to eat or not eat, do or not do, etc.


Her sessions have been very encouraging to listen to. To hear another human say the things that usually came from the Spirit as an impression, or from the Spirit as I read the Word of God. Things that most people consider crazy.


I hope that the following video will minister to you as much as it has encouraged me. The battle is win-able keep doing the things that you know are right to do! Continue to walk in obedience to the Word of God and His Holy Spirit!


Thank You Barbara O'Neill!!



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