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Why are the Babies Sick and Dying?

Posted by Tkulp , 26 May 2017 · 921 views

Tozer Devotional 5/26

Perpetual Spiritual Infancy

For some reason, religious activity and godliness do not always go together. To discover this, it is only necessary to observe the current religious scene. There is no lack of soul-winning effort surely, but many of the soul-winners give one the impression that they are little more than salesmen for a brand of Christianity that simply does not lead to saintliness.
If this should strike you as being uncharitable, make this little test: kneel down and read reverently the Sermon on the Mount. Let it get hold of your heart. Catch the spiritual "feeling" of it. Try to conceive what kind of person he or she would be who would embody its teachings. Then compare your conception with the product of the modern religious mill. You will find a wide world of difference both in conduct and in spirit. If the Sermon on the Mount is a fair description of the sort of person a Christian ought to be, then what are we to conclude about the multitudes who have "accepted" Christ but nevertheless exhibit not one moral or spiritual trait such as those described by our Lord?
Now, experience has prepared us for the rebuttal we will surely hear from tender-minded friends: "Who are we to judge? We must leave these professed Christians with the Lord and look to our own doorstep. And furthermore, we should be glad for any little bit of good that is being done and not spoil it by faultfinding."


Brothers, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly--mere infants in Christ. I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready. First Corinthians 3:1-2


Though years from our spiritual birth, must we still be pablum-fed? Jealousy, quarreling and divisions are sure signs of spiritual immaturity. It is time to switch to a solid food diet.


Lord, I thank You that I am Your child. But despite the years that I have known You there are still areas of life where I am childish. Oh, may I grow!


50 Years Later?


Why are the Babies Sick and Dying?


Is it because there is no real fear of or respect for God? ...no respect for the law or authority?


Does the Spiritual society parallel the physical society? ...which causes the church buildings to be full of malnourished, self-centered babies? ...which fail to realize the maturity of Christ or experience ALL of the Galatians 5 fruit of the Spirit?


Is it because too many are fed a man made formula rather than healthy Mother's milk?


Does the Mother have healthy milk? She will if she eats healthy and is taking care of her body and mind.


The normal mother, of the current generation, eats only what pleases the tongue and what man has modified to please the appetites, what looks good! Food that comes from genetically modified plants and animals that are raised for taste, size, tenderness, seedless, etc.


It is too much trouble to grow, harvest, and prepare your own food!



It is too much trouble to have children, to nurse them from your own time and body, to nurture and care for them until they are adults.


And the best of mothers! The max is one or two children! More children than that is ridiculous! People will ask you if you do not know where babies come from, or, Do you not have anything better to do with your time?


Do the young parents have training from their parents to produce good, healthy children?
Well, that may be open for opinion, the Federal Government must have its say. If you choose not to kill the child before it is born, you are provided with Federally approved people to inject your child physically and mentally with all that the World believes is the best!


That brings us up to Mr. Tozer's devotional for today. The world provides any flavor of religious activity your appetites may desire! Since the world believes that it does not really matter what you do or feed on spiritually, there are different ways to a good life and a good eternity, if you choose to believe in an eternity.


The religious activities of the modern world certainly appear to follow the processed, packaged, modified for pleasure and ease life, lifestyle, of the average American. Non of it fits the lifestyle of Godliness that is talked about in the Word of God.


Is it to much trouble.... to have a passion for the Word of God and obedience? to get alone with the Holy Spirit to feed on the heavenly manna? to produce quality, Christ-like fruit that gives healing nourishment to those who squeeze or eat that fruit. to get out of conformity to the world? to let only the divine, influence mold your life?


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