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A Trip with the Holy Spirit's Guidance

Posted by Tkulp , 12 April 2017 · 676 views

I have spent many hours on the road lately as we have traveled to the East Coast.


My heart's desire, for sometime, has been to know intimately the voice of the Good Shepherd in matters that are not found in the Word of God, but only heard in the heart; the still small voice.


My nature, in regard to travel, is to keep moving; stopping only for gas. This was not a trip that I wanted to make at all, but felt that I needed to. So, the fact that I was traveling, was my first step in obedience and going against my desires. Due to the hunger and a consequential headache for my wife, I felt impressed to stop in Crossville, Tennessee.


While filling with gas I felt to check to see what might be available by way of a motel. Having that information in my head, as I pulled out of the gas station my eyes were drawn to a motel that had caught my attention while scanning the list of motels on my phone; Then came an inner impression, that this motel is where you should stay tonight.


My wife was amazed, in short, when I came out of the motel office, headed for a room. "That is the quickest you have ever picked a motel!" She was right! I just knew in my spirit that I was doing, what I was supposed to do.


This was Sat. night, which was not all that important, except that the thoughts had already been in my heart to find a C&MA Church to attend, while on this trip. I do not recall every interrupting a long road trip to attend an unfamiliar church service.


In the motel room I did a search for C&MA churches in Tennessee. I could not believe it, there were only seven or eight, located in the entire state, and I did not recognize any of the cities. Curiosity lead me to see what other kinds of churches were in Crossville.


The word "Love" caught my eye, it was Love Freewill Baptist. The power of Google took over and I was soon looking at their church and the parking lot. During my searching I had noticed that there was not just one Freewill Baptist, but two. The other one was on the other side of Route 40 and appeared to be a bit neater and larger. Then questions entered my mind; was there a split, problems? Maybe, of the two, I should try the larger? Having attended a Freewill Church 25 years ago, I was a bit familiar with their beliefs.


Sunday morning, I had not told my wife anything that had been going on in my head and she was very relaxed looking toward the 11 o'clock checkout time. As I saw we could maybe make it in time for Sunday School, I suggested we get on the road.


After making a wrong turn we finally arrived a few minutes late, but with people just heading for the various classes. We were directed to the main auditorium and the adult class there.


As we sat in the sanctuary my mind started with questions... "What are you doing here, you should have gone to the smaller church? What a mess-up!" There was no problem with the lesson, it was good, but there was no class participation, something that I look forward to, hearing what God is speaking to other Christians and doing in their lives; hearing about the relationships that others have.


Finally the Worship service; I enjoyed the two congregational songs and the enthusiastic participation of the full church in singing. I could have enjoyed more of the singing, but they were moving right along with the service. There was a solo, a fantastic song; but the beginning of 30 minutes of ministry of songs, by way of a Spirit filled Trio, not entertaining at all, it was all ministry! When most services would be ending, they were just beginning. One of the singers was to speak, and shared what God had given him, without fear, the Truth! That part of the service was another 50 minutes, and what a spiritual banquet! I do not know of being in a service where the people were more free to go to the alter and bring their needs to God at any time.


The best for me was that the speaker was obedient to the Holy Spirit! He started his sharing with a song that the Holy Spirit was prompting him to sing. He did not know why, but I did! It was for me! I was not familiar with the song, but it spoke to my heart, as I was experiencing the process of learning to be lead by the unseen hand, which the song spoke about.


I long for the day that the voice of doubt, question and fleshly reasoning will have no place in my mind. It is so sweet when you KNOW that you are where God wants you to be, enjoying God's "grace" His divine influence upon the heart! ...and see the change it makes in your life!


'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus!


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