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What Are You Bound To?

Posted by Tkulp , 27 March 2017 · 689 views

My heart for some days has been on comparing what I see and understand the Bible to say in comparison to what others understand the Bible to say and mean, in regard to 'sin', 'saved' and eternal life.


Across America there is a belief that some would call 'easy believe-ism'.


You believe, you confess with your mouth, have faith and are baptized, you are saved(delivered)? The deliverance, for the most part does not come across as a deliverance from this world or sin. It is supposed to be deliverance from eternal punishment. Not just a hope, but a guaranteed pass into eternal life, no matter what you do, say, think, etc. As I understand, you might miss out on some rewards if you are too bad, but heaven is your future home.


Tozer's devotional spoke about 'words' and how the definitions were changing, 50 years ago.
In recent years, long after Tozer had seen the error creeping into the chruch, I have fnial seen the same problem. I am sure that it is much worse today than it was in his life time.


Two of the words that really trouble me is Grace and 'saved'.


Today saved means that you have a promised ticket to heaven, no strings attached.


Out of curiosity I just looked at a secular definition. Rescued; especially from the power and consequences of sin. Guarded from injury or destruction.


Strong's Greek, delivered, protected. Fairly similar, I guess that it really comes down to the degree and type of deliverance and protection.


If you are interested in what I said you can find the thread at:




Today's post is intended to be my last post on a rather long discussion, started a few years ago in 2014 by Kevin Blankenship.


My heart is in getting people into the Word of God, first of all, for any reason.


Hopefully, as they read, the Holy Spirit will begin to make His words come alive to them; God's true Grace, that Divine influence that is reflected in the life. That it will open eyes to the Truth, resulting in repentant, new creatures in Jesus Christ; One with Him and His body of true active, faithful believers, as Jesus prayed for it to be in John Chapter 17. Jesus' prayer, from His heart, to His Father.


I do not know if Evan, 'Even so' a newbie, reads the blogs, but I just want to say that he did what no member or advanced member could or would, do. He signed up just to answer "Test_Truth or Error??" at http://ecommunity.cm...truth-or-error/


I really appreciated his input and his first try reveled something that I had not seen or gotten out of the devotional.


Second try and he had correctly given half of the error. I am waiting for the second word of error to be pointed out!


Wishing all that read the Word to have refreshing times with the Holy Spirit and oil to light their paths!




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