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Thoughts on "Worldliness" Continued

Posted by Tkulp , 07 March 2017 · 680 views

I did not realize that Tozer was continueing his thought from yesterday. They are so right on. He uses words that are not common to the speech and understand of our current society. Please look up words that you may think that you know as well as words that you do not know. I find that by adding Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionay, along with Noah Webster's and WordWeb's dictionaries, it is like looking at an enlarged detailed color picture, instead of a tiny black and white thumbnail.
Many cell phones today are popular because of the sharp, high resolution pictures that they take. Why do people put so much attention on the earthly pictures and so little attention on the spiritual pictures in our Bibles?
Please read and reread Tozer's devotional on the world, then get your Bible study tools out and look up "world" in different translations; in the King James with Strong's numbers; if you find that the word "world" has different numbers, do a search on each of the numbers and discover the different shades of meaning of each Hebrew or Greek word. Obey the Spirit of the Word!


3. Godless philosophies. Whether they know it or not, they who belong to the world live by a creed, and by their fruits we may know what their creed is. The man of the world, despite his protestations to the contrary, actually accepts the sufficiency of this world and makes no provision for any other; he esteems earth above heaven, time above eternity, body above soul and men above God. He holds sin to be relatively harmless, believes pleasure to be an end in itself, accepts the rightness of the customary and trusts to the basic goodness of human nature. And even though he be an elder in a church he is part and parcel of the world.


Creed - A brief summary of the articles of Christian faith; a symbol; as the Apostolic creed.


4. Externalism. The man of heaven lives for the kingdom within him; the man of earth lives for the world around him. The first is born of the Spirit; the other is born of the flesh and will perish with it.


To sum up: whatever promotes self, cheapens life, starves the soul, hopes without biblical grounds for hope, adopts current moral standards, follows the way of the majority whether it be right or wrong, indulges in the pleasures of the flesh to make bearable the secret thoughts of death and judgment--that is the world.


Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15).


You adulterous people, don't you know that friendship with the world is hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. James 4:4


Being friendly with the world is not friendliness with the people of the world. It is adopting the values of the world, its philosophy, its lifestyle, its god.


Lord, there seems to be such confusion today among Your people as to what constitutes worldliness. Help me to be sensitive to and clearly distinguish between the world of people You love and the world system You reject. In Jesus' name.


The love as understood today, is warped human affection or pity and sympathy; topped off with false praise and empty encouragement! Most of it appears to be what Tozer is talking about as the Love of the World and all that it has to offer.
It does not look at all like God's love of intimate relationship, training and discipline! His desire for purity and holiness. His hatred for rebellion and injustice and covered-up sin!
God so loved that He provided a Spiritual miracle (a new nature), a companion to teach us and help us discern righteousness from unrighteousness (the Holy Spirit) and punishment when we disobey or listen to our own way, our senses instead of doing it His way; the punishment lets us know that we are truly 'His child' and not an illegitimate child.
We can only experience His positive love by repentance of all our selfish ways; total and faithful death to our yielding to our senses and the world's way; placing our minds at His feet and under ONLY His influence; rejecting Satan's and the World's appeal and bondage to self indulging or Worldly thoughts and influences.
Basically, I would encourage the trashing of all Worldly media influences! Make His Word and His Spirit your constant companions and delight! It is not easy! It is possible to be free from ALL addictions! That is why Jesus gave His life, to deliver us from the guilt of the past and walk with us in a new life, free of the entanglement of self and sin!


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