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Resist the Things of the World and be connected to Heaven (God). Daniel Chapter 3

Posted by jolle7 , 02 February 2015 · 934 views

I preached this message to the women of my church on the above topic.
In order to resist the things of the world, one must understand the necessity of serving God. Knowing that God is our father who will never let us down in as much as we put our trust in him, believing that the Lord Jesus died for us, he will always be our protector. This is stated in Psalms 91:9-13, our God is a great warrior that can never be defeated and cannot allow his children to be won by the devil.
The scripture Daniel chapter 3 is about the three Jews who refused to worship any image except the Most High God. God delivered these three because they chose to serve God with no fear of man. They were connected with God or to Heaven through their faith, knowing and understanding that the God they serve is greater than any other God both in heaven and on earth.
If, and only if we can turn our back to the satisfaction of our physical body not considering what the world see as significant and do what God wants. And doing the best we can to serve God right; he will always be there for us. As he did for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, He can always do for us. This message was used to encourage the women of the church that when we think it is over; and there is no other way we can go, that is when God appears.
The key point of the message, hope it is a blessing to someone.

This probably my first time using this so it might not be too good but I felt to share my thought

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