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A Prayer for France

Posted by kenjen61 , 07 January 2015 · 1242 views

By Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins

The other day, France faced a terrorist attack killing and injuring some. Now it is possibly that it was the work of either ISIS or some other terrorist group for this cowardly act.

Now the freedom of press is in jeopardy in such that if we speak out on things that is wrong, you'll be punished for that; even as a cartoonist just doing their job. And so, if we disrespect the Prophet Muhammad, then you will die.

Alright, here's my take on all of this; these people are cowards and bullies and should not be allowed to be alive. I don't care for what they stand for or support but does murder has to be the very answer to take away someone's freedom?

For the sake of freedom why kill the idea of freedom? Many cartoonist and writers are just expressing what the feel about what these bullies are doing or trying to prove. Blowing buildings, beheading, murder and more murder just will not solve problems or give Muhammad anymore respect but will make the world hate you even more.

France is America's oldest allies and our prayers goes out them in hopes they will recover from these tragic days. Hopefully, these thugs will be brought to justice once and for all. These senseless killings just have to stop or it's going to get worst before it gets better.

Rev. Kenneth R. Jenkins is a poet, freelance writer, playwright, associate minister husband living in Savannah, GA.


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