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Day Thirty-Three: "Your Prayer, Our Power"

Posted by Yeng Her , in 40 Days of Prayer 03 June 2013 · 2093 views

Read: Psalm 86
Pray: That God would bring everyone safely to Tampa and keep them safe as they are at Council.

During my first year at Toccoa Falls College, a pastor from Iraq came and spoke at our annual World Outreach Conference. I had grown up praying at the appropriate times, but failed to realize the importance of praying unceasingly and the power of prayer.

During the three-day conference, Pastor Thomas shared many stories of times when they were in dire situations that needed deliverance and through people who were called to pray for them at that exact moment, God was faithful. He did not push for finances or for more workers, instead, he stressed the importance of prayer. “Your prayer, our power,” is what he kept emphasizing. This phrase has been engrained in my mind as I am led to pray for people all over the world. I never realized the power of prayer until I heard His stories and others about how God has delivered His people when people prayed.

As Paul requested the Thessalonians for prayer in 2 Thessalonians 3:1-5, I pray that we will be in constant prayer for our brothers and sisters all over the world. May our prayers be their power in advancing the gospel to lost people.

Father, may we be sensitive to your Holy Spirit when He nudges us to pray for specific people and may we be faithful when called on to pray. Amen.

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