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Day Thirty-Six: Naturalists or Supernaturalists?

Posted by David Lauffer , in 40 Days of Prayer 06 June 2013 · 2023 views

Read: Psalm 145
Pray: That all those attending and listening to Council would be encouraged to BE LIGHT where ever God leads them.

“I am the vine; you are the branches…apart from me you can do nothing…If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. It is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit… [John 15: 5, 7]

As a Christ-follower, churchman and missionary I have been perplexed more by the mystery of unoffered prayer than by the mystery of unanswered prayer. The promises of God for fruitful lives and ministries are clear and truly incredible – but they depend on our connection with him through prayer.

So why don’t we pray more? Could it be that our view of ourselves is too high and that our view of God is too low? Have we become so conformed to the norms of our culture that we function more as naturalists than supernaturalists?

David A. Hubbard observed that “We treat prayer as though it is the spice of life, but the Bible prescribes it as a vital staple in our diet. We are content with a dash of praise, a pinch of petition, and a drop of confession to bring a slight spiritual flavor to our secularity. We sprinkle a shake or two of the supernatural over our basic humanism and call the mixture religion.” God help us!

The person who seldom talks to God in effect relies on himself more than the one who is all-wise, all-powerful and always available. This is simultaneously the depth of foolishness and the height of pride.

Lord, as we humble ourselves before you please give us grace. Forgive our foolishness and pride. Draw us near and make us aware of your presence with us always. Reveal your will to us, empower us and bless us as we talk, walk and work with you in the world today. Amen.

[As an encouragement to getting started again with the practice of prayer I recommend reading the opening chapter of Richard Foster’s book Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home.]

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