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Day Five: Monday Morning Prayer

Posted by Gary Benedict , in 40 Days of Prayer 06 May 2013 · 2348 views

Read: Acts 4
Pray: For the middle school, high school and college students of your church – to know Christ and follow hard after him.

When I arrived in Menomonie, Wisconsin to pastor the struggling local Alliance church, I discovered about half a dozen men were holding an early Monday morning prayer meeting. I enthusiastically joined and became a cheerleader for the meeting but did not lead. Central to the meeting was praying for unsaved family, neighbors and colleagues. The prayer meeting grew into three meetings: 4:15 am for the farmers, 5:15 am for the construction people and 6:15 for all others. God answered prayer and through a variety of ministry venues, people from the prayer list were saved. It was harvest time, and the church grew from 125 to 400 people in three years. As a result, I was asked to speak on church growth in several regional meetings across the United States. My message was simply, “Men prayed for unsaved people, were bold in witness and the Lord added to the church—all to the glory of God. “
In my previous church, I had tried many evangelism programs but with minimal results. I learned that prayer, mixed with obedience and the leading of the Holy Spirit on when and how to share Christ with an unbeliever, was fruitful. The lay people joyfully did the work of the ministry. The men told me emphatically, the best part of church life for them was the Monday morning prayer meeting. I got the picture! Prayer was more important to them than my preaching and teaching. They experienced and saw the power of the Holy Spirit. I will join a men’s Monday prayer meeting any time I have a chance!

Prayer: Lord, raise up groups of your people around the world who gather in Jesus’ Name to see you work through their lives and churches.

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Amy Roedding
May 06 2013 10:40 AM
One of my favorite things about visiting local C&MA churches is to meet these faithful people who live their day-to-day lives and yet have such a big part in the bringing back the King through their consistent prayers. This was a good reminder of the power of prayer and the growth of the church!
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