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Day Nineteen: Learning How To Dance

Posted by JoshuaVang , in 40 Days of Prayer 20 May 2013 · 2437 views

Read: Acts 14
Pray: Pray that your pastors and elders would have boldness and power to preach the gospel.

I left home seven years go with big dreams of learning how to dance this “dance” that we call life. Little did I know the dance floor would be slippery and cold, the moves far too advanced and the music foreign. With so many unexpected twists and turns in a dimly lit room, I often found myself on my knees. It seemed that I would never learn to “dance”. What I once had my heart set on, quickly found its way into that cellar known bitterness.

It wasn’t until I put my trust in Jesus, as my dance partner, that I was finally able to allow myself to dance again. Only then did I realize that it isn’t the “dance” itself that makes it enjoyable, but the one who dances with you.

This “dance” is scary. It is intimidating. There are many twists, turns, and unknowns. It’s all one big mystery. But I’ve learned it’s in the unknown where Jesus makes Himself known. It is in doubt that He proves Himself true. And through the twisting and turning, He will not let me go. In the falling and the failing, He will never leave me.

This is my prayer: I want to fall in love with the one who dances with us and not the “dance.”

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Amy Roedding
May 20 2013 05:59 AM
Love this younger voice in our 40 Days of prayer community. We need the young and old voices!!
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