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Day Seven - I Do Not Know How This Works!

Posted by Ronald Morrison , in 40 Days of Prayer 08 May 2013 · 2223 views

Read: Acts 6
Pray: For the singles in your church – for a sense of belonging in your fellowship and guidance for their lives.

The Lord seems to frequently take too long to bring the results we are praying for. We have deadlines to meet, hoped for results to show, and it is frustrating to wait when we know God can make things happen instantly anytime He wants to. How often we forget He has brilliant reasons for causing growth to happen slowly.

In Mark 4:26-28; Jesus used a common illustration to teach his followers how growth took place in the Kingdom of God. He compared the kingdom to a man planting seed in the soil, and then engaging in the regular activities of going to bed at night and rising each day. While the planter lived his life on a regular, daily basis, the seed he planted began to sprout and grow, and the planter really could not comprehend how it happened. In like manner, the Kingdom of God would continue to increase slowly, surely, and steadily. There would be a harvest that would bring glory to God.

The soil, by the creative genius of the Lord, has the capacity to facilitate growth when the seed is planted. For awhile, it will appear that nothing is happening, then suddenly a blade will appear, followed later by a head, and before you know it, a mature crop Is ready to be harvested.

One of the lessons I am learning in prayer is to wait on God’s time for growth. It can be difficult to wait while serving in an environment that celebrates the fastest results. The best selling books, whether in church growth, weight loss, or financial investing, are consistently the ones that show miraculous results in a minimal amount of time. However, our Lord frequently causes growth and life change that is slow from our perspective, yet the end result is a maturity and strength that is better suited for the long haul.

As you pray and wait on the Lord, remember the original audience that heard these words our Lord Jesus spoke. They had no scientific explanations of how a planted seed would disintegrate and eventually produce a mature plant, consistent with the nature of the planted seed. What they had to have was the faith to plant the seeds, go about their daily activities, pray, and trust the Lord of the Harvest.

I have been privileged to see growth that seemed to be taking too long, and now suddenly signs of healthy life are sprouting up all over the place. I cannot explain everything that is happening, but I do know that we planted seeds, and we continue to pray for the Lord of Life to bring growth. I do not know exactly how He does it, but I rejoice that I can see it.

Father, we continue to look to you to bring life into every situation. We pray that we would continue to plant the seed of your word into human hearts, and trust you for the results. We ask that we would be patient when we do not see observable signs of life or growth in ourselves or others, and that we would learn to exercise faith whether we have explanations or not. In Jesus’s Name we pray, Amen!

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Elizabeth May
May 08 2013 05:42 PM
Amen. His Word is alive! Alleluia!
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