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Day Nine - Mobile Prayer Closet

Posted by Bill Kuhn , in 40 Days of Prayer 10 May 2013 · 2107 views

Read: Psalm 8
Pray: For the mature believers of your church – that they would disciple the younger generations.


Nothing gets me more convicted than talk on prayer. Ever gone to a prayer conference? Ugh, does that ever make me feel like a spiritual kindergartener. We have heard the stories of the “super-saints” with their four-hour morning prayer sessions. We’ve read of many great Bible examples of godly people with powerful prayers. I mean, who is not captivated by Elijah praying down fire from heaven? We remember that Jesus “often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16). Such testimonies confront my faith and stammering prayer life.

Early in my journey with Christ I was taught that I was to have a morning prayer and Bible study time called “devotions.” This is indeed a solid discipleship recommendation. Unfortunately, it left my prayer life anemic, especially in those early days when I struggled to get out of bed in time to get to high school anyway. The point is, I left my prayer life in my prayer closet. I would pray in the morning and then execute my day without much thought of God or his in-breaking in my world. How could I ever reconcile my feeble prayer efforts with the lofty charge to “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17)?

Then, while studying Philippians 1:3 I read, “I thank my God every time I remember you.” Here Paul exposes his own prayer pattern and one that elevated my prayer life. Paul suggests that as the dear brothers and sisters in Philippi enter his mind, he turns the remembrance into a prayer for his friends. As I meditated on the verse, I realized that prayer should not be confined to a relegated moment of day, though consistent prayer times are essential to sustained spiritual transformation, but prayer should be unleashed spontaneously throughout the day as “remembrances” come to mind. This potent concept translates to turning all our thoughts into prayers before our benevolent Father. This is both a freeing and elevated consideration. We can indeed take our “prayer closet” with us throughout the day. Our omnipresent God entertains our prayers at any time or location and if I simply “hand over” my thoughts to God in a stream of silent conversation with Him, I have discovered that I am “praying without ceasing.” As people and events come to my mind, I use that as an opportunity to invite God into their lives or the event. I now welcome the “distraction” of an unsuspecting thought as an invitation from God that someone or something needs prayer.

So, why not have a mobile prayer closet? Could you turn your thoughts into prayers? To do so will take discipline at first, conscious effort with pockets of forgetting. But in time, the discipline will morph into joyful habit, and before long, you too can practice the presence of God throughout your entire day.

Omnipotent Father, we are encouraged to know that Your availability has no bounds. We are blessed to serve a Creator who listens intimately to each of His children. Hear us as we intercede throughout our day by turning our thoughts into prayers. Graciously bring to our minds those for whom you wish us to pray. May we be a people that walk in Your presence of moment-by-moment in humility and gratitude. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Amen! This was a great reminder that as things come to our mind we should lift them to the Father. I love to give thanks to God throughout my day for all the "little" things that are going on finding keys, a good parking spot, etc...Not only does this help my attitude I believe it also causes the enemy to keep a distance from me. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.
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kevin l.eaton
May 11 2013 02:20 AM
yeah! prayer has always been anenigma for me. however , the Lord blessed me with a wife who is a tremendous prayer warrior and intercessor!!
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