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Day Eight - Prayer Assignments

Posted by Gordon Roedding , in 40 Days of Prayer 09 May 2013 · 2121 views

Read: Acts 7
Pray: For the families in your church-strength and unity so they are light to the world.


I hung up the phone with a boulder-heavy heart. People who we loved deeply were having to return from their country of service because of moral failure. The two of us grieved all day even while carrying out our daily tasks. That afternoon when I (Gordon) asked our leadership class to pray for our sorrow and for the situation, two of the women said, “Oh we already knew.” In the meantime a prayer warrior in the church approached Cheryl and asked, “Are you and Gordon okay?” She explained that God had given her a vision in the night of two people getting on an airplane while we wept and wept. She interpreted it to mean that we were going to be sick and have to leave Mali and spent the entire day praying for us along with her prayer partners. God used her to show us how much he loves us but also to teach us that he brings people to our minds at specific times so that we’ll pray for them.

Lord, who is my prayer assignment for today and how should I pray for them?

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Joan Phillips
May 09 2013 08:10 AM
This is very timely, Gordon. Thank you! Last week I was prompted to pray for a friend. I thought it was about relationship problems with his children but felt a heaviness to pray for God to hold him up as he prays for his prodigal children. I found out three days later that the day I prayed, he had an allergic reaction to seafood and nearly died. He spent three days in the hospital. I told him, "No wonder God impressed upon me to hold you up and not your children." Wow! I love how the Spirit works!
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