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Day Sixteen - Recognizing the Presence of God in Daily Living

Posted by Jeff Williams , in 40 Days of Prayer 17 May 2013 · 1861 views

Read: Acts 12
Pray: That the strong CMA churches in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Vietnam, Cote d’Ivoire, Philippines, Indonesia will send out workers.

5:40 am, and we’re on our way over to the kitchen to meet for work duty, today an hour weeding the muddy rice paddy with the students of the Bible School. Everyone will be hungry by the time we return to eat the rice prepared by another team. Chapel, class... lunch all together, and then out to ministry practice, again in a group… If I sit by myself, someone is sure to join me, just to sit, to keep me, or himself, from being “lonely”. It’s late before we turn into the mosquito net, finally alone. What do I do about my “quiet time” dependent spirituality when life is not quiet? How does God speak to me personally in a “together” culture? Brother Lawrence practiced the presence of God in the duties of daily living. Could I not do this in our kitchen? The discipline of listening to His voice, and tuning out the other sounds around me, training my mind to attend to His train of thought, of deliberate concentration, is it possible? A whole new type of prayer was opened up to me, a new way of thinking, a new twist for my spirituality.

Heather Williams, Cambodia

Lord, in the areas of noise and clutter of my life, those given to me as charges from you, let me hear Your voice. May the interruptions You send my way, the tasks which need doing in Your service become the places where I can see your thoughts. Teach me to deliberately concentrate on you in the midst of the crowd.

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Thank you for turning our thoughts back to Brother Lawrence's secret to practicing the presence of God in the midst of a harried day. A wonderful goal; but not always easy to keep practicing. Thanks!
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