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Day Twenty-three: Keep in Step with the Spirit!

Posted by Richard Herring , in 40 Days of Prayer 24 May 2013 · 1658 views

Read: Acts 17
Pray:That your District Superintendent would have strength and wisdom to lead and model Christ for those under his leadership.


Let’s “keep in step with the Spirit” (Galatians 5:25) to leverage all opportunities to advance the Kingdom. After all, the Holy Spirit is God and He always knows what’s best! This demands a listening ear in prayer and a willing heart to obey. On one of my numerous trips to the Bangkok airport I was struggling all the way with knowing how to open a conversation about the Gospel with my Buddhist taxi driver named Sayan. Nothing seemed to make sense or be appropriate. When rounding one of the final bends with the airport nearly in view I asked the Lord what to say. “Ask him what he wants in life,” was the clear response. So I asked and Sayan said, “My wife and I would like to have a son but for years now she has not been able to conceive.” Assuring him of my prayers and how the God of the universe is fully capable of opening wombs, I bid good bye promising to check in later to hear God’s answer. A year later, on another trip to the airport, he could hardly contain his excitement and burst out declaring that his wife was pregnant! Today his little boy named Bangpan, is a toddler and Sayan continues to hear more of the gospel each time we meet for a trip to the airport.

Lord, please remind us constantly how much we need to depend, not on our wisdom but on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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