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Listening Well

Posted by Connie Seale , in Orality 05 June 2018 - - - - - - · 271 views

This week as I spent time with local women, two of them shared some painful and difficult things that they are going through. As I listened and asked the Father for wisdom about how to respond, I was reminded that sometimes the best gift we can give someone is just to be a safe place for them to share what's on their hearts. I'm sure each of us has expe...


Interacting with the Word

Posted by Connie Seale , in Orality 05 June 2018 - - - - - - · 240 views

For the past year and a half or so, I've been working on developing a set of oral stories from the Word and the process has not gone as smoothly as I hoped or imagined. It seems like I've hit one bump after another, which has frustrated me because I like to tackle a project and work until it's done. However this process is largely dependent on others an...


Has the Use of Orality Been Taken Too Far?

Posted by Connie Seale , in Orality 05 June 2018 - - - - - - · 302 views

I recently came across this article, "Has the Use of Orality Been Taken Too Far?" which was originally in an EMQ edition (MissioNexus now hosts them). I found it thought-provoking and relevant as we think about orality in our contexts.  
Here's my main take-away from the article: many of us work among literate people who have access to the word...


Repetition Helps Learning

Posted by Connie Seale , in Orality 25 May 2017 - - - - - - · 1070 views

Repetition Helps Learning
by Jarvis Crosby  Context:
I use the methodology of repeating things to aid in learning.  There are moments that I think repetition in an adult learning context is an insult to the adult learner. I think that by repeating what I say the adult learner will think, Im not stupid. I can get it the first time. You do not...


When K heard the story, his eyes lit up

Posted by Connie Seale , in Orality 10 April 2017 - - - - - - · 948 views

A story of a man who is connecting the dots about what he is learning about Jesus, as shared with me by a fellow overseas worker. Pray that this man will come to faith as he continues to learns about who Jesus is! 
About 3 years ago a team member who teaches language classes at our ministry center decided to teach a different type of class. Instead o...


Thirsty for change

Posted by Connie Seale , in Orality 10 April 2017 - - - - - - · 894 views

A story of a woman who is thirsting for the truth, as shared with me from a fellow overseas worker. May the Lord continue to draw her to Himself, that she would one day believe in Him with her whole heart! 
I first met B several years ago, when I gave her an invitation to some workshops that a visiting church were going to do. Later the same mornin...


Where's YOUR chair?

Posted by Renee , in Asia, Orality 10 May 2013 - - - - - - · 2681 views

Several months ago, our church began a series on relationships. We began with our relationship with God and worked our way through relationships with family, coworkers, friends, and eventually romantic relationships.  During our portion on our relationship with God, I shared Bill Hybels' story called "Coffee with God."  In this story, Pastor...


Get on the Ark!

Posted by Renee , in Africa, Orality 08 February 2013 - - - - - - · 1742 views

It was a bright cheery day when Stephen came over for a visit.  We had started going through the Orality stories together weeks before and now we were on the story of Noah.  Stephen liked to hear the stories and didn't mind helping me practice saying them to him.  

After we had been through the story together a few times, I asked him if he knew that...


Open Doors in the Market

Posted by Renee , in Middle East, Orality 10 December 2012 - - - - - - · 1493 views

With my friend, Amal, a seamstress, topics of conversation easily turn to God.  She is a devout follower of Allah.  She has verses from the Quran posted all over the walls of her humble shop, and this time when I came to visit, she had praise music (praise to Allah) playing in the background.

Amal's friend of many years, who is also very religious, was...


Please Tell Me Another Story

Posted by Renee , in Africa, Orality 10 December 2012 - - - - - - · 1787 views

I was meeting with my Muslim friend, Myriam, regularly to tell her Bible stories.  She was hungry and thirsty for truth and was always eager for my visits with hot mint tea sitting on the table when I arrived.

I didn't realize that Myriam was naturally repeating and retelling the stories to her husband each time.  Her husband, a devout Muslim, was not...

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An oral learner is:


Someone whose most effective communication and learning format, style, or method is in accordance with oral formats, as contrasted to literate formats.
Someone who prefers to learn or process information by oral rather than written means. (These are literate people whose preferred communication style is oral rather than literate, even though they can read.)
Someone who cannot read or write (this represents about 5% of the world's population).

Did you know?


There are an estimated 4.35 billion people who are oral learners. This includes 3 billion adults, 900 million very young children, and 450 million children between the ages of eight and fifteen; all of these have basic or below basic literacy skills. They are oral learners because of their limited literacy skills.
The vast majority of missions work has been done for a literate audience. Unfortunately the vast majority of the true audience is therefore not able to connect with the Gospel.
Oral cultures are very relational - they share their lives with one another.
Most oral cultures will communicate with one another in narratives, dialogues and dramas, proverbs, songs, chants, and poetry. When asked what he thought about a new village school headmaster, a Central African replied "Let's watch how he dances".

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