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Nu? Nu? Our reach to the Jewish People of NYC: August 13-21, 2015

Posted by Abraham Sandler , 04 August 2015 · 1156 views

Nu? A general word that calls for a reply. It can mean, “So?” “Huh?” “Well?” “What’s up?” or “Hello?”
So: We need your prayers for our witnessing campaign in NYC August 13-21, 2015
Huh: You haven't heard? Messiah's Lighthouse, a C&MA Messianic Congregation in the Metropolitan District is hosting a campaign to reach Jewish People with Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries
Well: We need your prayers! We will have a team of 20, including people from Seattle, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Hong Kong trained to reach people in New York City, especially but not exclusively, Jewish People.
Hello: did you know there are over 2 million Jewish People in this area? How can a team of 20 even BEGIN to reach this many? One contact at a time from places like the subways, city parks, street corners, including the Diamond District, Wall Street and much, much more. We share the Gospel of Jesus with all who will take our tracts and stop and talk to us - or argue with us - those that Holy Spirit has prepared.
Our teams are out on 3 "sorties" or missions a day or more: before breakfast for the early rush hour; after breakfast and chapel for the lunch hour and after a 'breather' and lunch, out again for the dinner rush. They complete their day with dinner, and sometimes a pot of warm water for aching feet. Our teams do this FIVE days in a row, after completing 3 full days of training and preparedness.
We need your prayers for: the Gospel to reach many; for stamina and focus for the team; for the team to be prepared for the people "unhappy" that they are sharing the Gospel and for much fruit for the Kingdom.


Thank you for praying!