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Team to do Jewish Evangelism in NYC in August

Posted by Abraham Sandler , 30 July 2014 · 967 views

My people are not unreachable, they are just unreached!

Please pray for the continuing outreach of Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries and for the unsaved, millions of Jewish people in the United States, Israel and around the world. Only .3 of 1% of Jewish people know Jesus as their Messiah and Savior. Out of one million Jewish people only 3,000 are saved. AOIJM is reaching out in New York City to 3 million Jewish people and in Seattle WA to 40,000 Jewish people.
AOIJM is seeing Jewish people saved: Sam was in the hospital for high blood pressure. He was sent home without his problem being resolved. Abe visited Sam and his wife Florence. After sharing the Messianic prophecies that point to Jesus, Sam and Florence prayed to receive Jesus as their Messiah and Savior. Abe then prayed for Sams healing. When Sam and his wife visited our weekly service Sam said, I found out that Jesus is my Messiah, and He saved me, and He healed me, my blood pressure is absolutely normal. Sam asked Abe to visit his 82 year old Orthodox Jewish father. Abe visited and led him to the Lord. Sometime later Sam said Im so glad I found the Messiah, but Im sad that I had to wait 50 years to find out that JESUS is my Messiah.
The signs of the times are indicating that we are in the Last Days. Time is short. Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Please pray that God would call many into Jewish work and that many Jewish people will be saved.

God bless you as He promised to bless those that bless the Jewish people.

For Gods Glory and Israels Salvation,
Abe and Janet Sandler

Please pray for:
  • For God to prepare hearts to hear the Gospel of Messiah Jesus
  • Tens of thousands of people to take our tracts. Hundreds of Jewish people willing to stop and talk about Messiah Jesus
  • Many Jewish contacts--people who are willing to give us their names and addresses so we can follow them up to examine the issue of who is Jesus?
  • Jewish and Gentile decisions for Jesus
  • For God to fill us with His Holy Spirit and make us His witnesses with chutzpah-boldness!
  • Training of team for Jewish evangelism
  • Inside support team: preparing meals, packing tract bags, prayer support
  • Weather: dry and cooler
  • The police and other authorities to treat us with fairness and kindness
  • Abe: Post campaign follow up of contacts, mailing literature, arranging visits

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