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University Fair: Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries Campaign in Seattle!

Posted by Abraham Sandler , 27 May 2014 · 1289 views

University Fair: Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries Campaign in Seattle! Shalom Prayer Partners,

Abe Sandler and Rich K. flew out to Seattle on May 16. David, who leads our Seattle outreach with his wife Peggy, picked us up and that night Abe gave a seminar on witnessing to Jewish people to 20 people.

The weather predicted for the next two days when we would be at the fair was for rain on Saturday and worse on Sunday.
When we headed to the fair on Saturday May 17, it was raining at David and Peggy’s house. As we drove to the Fair area the rain tapered off and stopped completely. It was very cloudy but by 9 am the sun was out. People came and were stopping and taking literature and talking to us at booth. Jews and Gentiles were giving us their contact information for more information about Jesus being the Messiah. Believers were stopping and committing to pray for us. Some want to visit our Shalom Fellowship Bible study.

It did not rain the whole day, but it did sprinkle lightly for a few minutes twice in the afternoon, cooling things off a little.

Alex, who was a Mormon, came to talk with us and before he left he received Jesus as his Savior!

On Sunday May 18 we went to the fair at 8 am. It started out as a sunny day. Many people were stopping to take literature and talk to us. Some Jewish people were angry as they went by our sign “Can you be Jewish and Believe in Jesus?” They yelled “NO!!” at us and kept going.

Our day would end at 6:00 pm and then we will break down our booth and pack up. At 4:00 pm the wind began to blow hard. Literature was blowing off our table in spite of the fact we had lead weights on it. The sky got black and threatening and the storm predicted by the weather people was on the way. David had a weather app on his phone, and told us a storm cloud was approaching. A few minutes later he told us that the storm would hit in five minutes, and that it was now located just one block away from our location! We prayed, calling on the Lord to not allow us to get rained out. The wind was blowing very hard now and pushing the storm north almost right over us. All of a sudden the storm stopped advancing and the wind changed direction from north to South and pushed the storm away from us. The sun came out and it never rained on us. The rain held off: not only until 7pm, as we had prayed, but we were able to pack up, unload and head to dinner before it rained buckets at 7:34pm! Hallelujah! "Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised!!"

In the closing hour of the day we had two more decisions for the Lord. The first was Benz, a young lady in her mid-twenties, who was from Thailand. She was so open and receptive to the Gospel and prayed to receive Jesus as her savior. We gave her some literature and then found out she was going home to Bangkok, Thailand the next day. When I got home I passed on her contact information to our C&MA International Ministries office and they passed it to our missionaries in Bangkok to follow up with Benz. It is great to have this world-wide connection.

Shortly before 6:00 pm, Amir came to our booth. He is Persian, from Iraq. He told us he wanted to become Jewish. We asked him why and he said “because Jewish people were good to him and helped him when he came to America." We let him know we were Jews and Gentiles who have found the Jewish Messiah, who came to save us and cleanse us from our sins, and that he would not be Jewish but he would be spiritually grafted Into the Jewish people. As we explained the Gospel to him he saw the truth and received Jesus as his Messiah, Savior and Lord.

Muidh is Muslim from Saudi Arabia. He was not confrontational, and wanted to know how Islam and Christianity compared. We agreed on a number of issues, but when it came to Jesus, Muidh believes he was a Prophet. We told him he was more than a prophet, that He is the son of God who came to earth to die for our sins. After further conversation he asked how he could get a Bible in Farsi, his native language. We said we will try to find one for him - not going to be an easy task! That night, when we got back to David and Peggy’s house, Peggy remembered she had been at a church about a year and a half ago and they were giving away bibles for Muslims. She thought it was in Arabic, but when we looked it was in Farsi! Just what we needed, praise God!

In two days we acquired 31 contacts to follow up. They are Jews and Gentiles, saved and unsaved. Some would like to come to our monthly Shalom Fellowship bible study. Others want to hear more about Jesus.

Please pray for those named above and for all of the other contacts as we follow them up. Pray too for Abe, David and Peggy for wisdom and God’s anointing to see God work in the lives of our contacts.

Begin praying now for our next witnessing campaign at the Freemont Fair in Seattle June 21, 22, 2014.

For God’s Glory and Israel’s Salvation,

Abe & Janet Sandler

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