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NEW Jewish Believer: "I've never felt so happy in my life!"

Posted by Abraham Sandler , 05 November 2013 · 1242 views

"Jewish people are not unreachable they are just unreached."
Abe Sandler
C&MA National Evangelist
Director Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries

Iris, a Jewish lady in New York City, was having problems with her mouth. She decided to visit a dentist. She opened up the phone book and saw hundreds of dentists listed. She picked one at random and went to see him. After examining her he said "you have some problems, I think you need to see a Dr. - I can recommend you to a friend of mine.” The dentist sent her to Dr. Randy and she made an appointment. Upon examination it was determined that she had advanced cancer of the mouth. The prognosis was not good. Dr. Randy, a believer in Jesus, asked Iris if she prayed. Iris said “no.” The Dr. said, “I do” and then prayed with her.

The surgery was performed, and part of her tongue had to be removed. Follow up treatment was done and miraculously she survived and was cancer free. During the course of her treatment Dr. Randy gave her a Bible and suggested she read sections of the Old Testament.

After reading several books of the Old Testament Iris asked what she should read next. The Dr. said, “Read the Gospels.” Iris did read them and said to Dr. Randy “I never knew that Jesus had such wonderful teachings.” As the Dr. continued to treat her physically he also shared more of the Gospel with her. Iris was receptive to all he said and then Dr. Randy called Abe. He asked for help and instruction on ways to continue witnessing to this Jewish lady. Abe made some suggestions and also volunteered to come and meet with the Dr. and Iris. A date was set for the meeting.

Iris and Abe were early for the meeting and this gave Abe a chance to get acquainted and share his testimony and the messianic prophecies from the Old Testament showing that Jesus is our Jewish Messiah. When the Dr. arrived he recounted Iris’ journey to Abe, and then clearly pointed out to her the need to repent and turn her life over to Jesus and receive Him as her Messiah, Lord and Savior. It was a beautiful time as Iris prayed to receive Jesus and was born-again. She said, “I have never felt this happy in my life.” That was on Tuesday October 8, 2013.

On Friday October 11 Iris came to our weekly service at our Alliance Jewish congregation in New York City (Messiah’s Lighthouse), and has continued to come weekly. She is reading the Word and growing in the Lord while being discipled by one of the ladies of our congregation. We are also planning a baptism service for Iris and several other new believers.

Please pray for the spiritual growth of new Jewish believers Iris, Fred, Carole, and George a new Gentile believer. Also pray for Jodie, Iris’ daughter that she too will soon come to faith in Jesus.
Baruch HaShem! - Praise the Lord!

We invite you to pray about coming to our annual short-term missions witnessing campaign in New York City to help us reach some of the 2,000,000 unreached Jewish people that live there. The dates are August 13-23, 2014. Contact us for more information:
Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries
PO Box 51285
Philadelphia, PA 19115
Our web site for help in reaching Jewish people with the Gospel: www.awakeoisrael.org

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