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Tozer said of the Jewish People: "We owe them an unflagging zeal for their salvation."

Posted by Abraham Sandler , 28 December 2016 · 1316 views


“Brethren, My heart’s desire and prayer for Israel is that they might be saved.”

Romans 10:1

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, they shall prosper that love thee”

Psalm 122:6

MESSIAH’S LIGHTHOUSE: We need to find a new meeting site for our congregation and ministry in New York City. This will be the fourth time in almost two years that we have to move. The building we have been meeting in has been sold. Our last meeting there was December 2. We are contacting a few new sites to find out if they will rent space to us for our weekly Friday night service, monthly bible study and prayer meeting, special outreaches, events, and our yearly August witnessing campaign. We will need the use of a kitchen. All of this for a price we can afford. Please pray we will find God’s place for us soon. Pray for salvation of Roger, Susan, and Helen, unsaved Jewish contacts. Also pray for more unsaved Jewish contacts in New York City.


HANUKAH: Hanukkah literally means "Dedication." It refers to the time in history, when the Jewish people under the leadership of Judah Maccabee, won their freedom from their Greek and Syrian oppressors. On the 25th of Kislev, our December, 165 BCE/BC, they cleansed and restored the Temple and rededicated it to God. Tradition tells us that only enough holy oil for one day was found when they lit the Temple menorah. However, a great miracle happened there. The menorah burned for eight days on one day’s supply of oil. So this year, beginning on the 25th of Kislev, (Sundown December 24) Jewish families all over the world light candles for eight days to remember this holiday of our freedom and God's miracle. A ninth candle was added to the Menorah. It is called the “Shamas”- “Servant” candle. The Shamas candle is lit first then it is used to light the other candles. The first night of Hanukah the Shamas is lit and then it is used to light the first candle. The second night the Shamas gives its light to two candles and so on until the last night all eight candles are lit. “Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universe, who wrought miracles for our fathers in days of old, at this season.” (a Traditional Hanukah Prayer when lighting the candles)


four-sided top called a Dreidal is used to play a Hanukah game. The Hebrew letters on each side are Ness, Gadol, Hey, Shin. They refer to Hebrew words that mean “A Great Miracle Happened There.”


Jesus is prophesied to be God’s servant Who would bring redemption to the world. The Shamas used to light the other candles can be an illustration of Yeshua being the Light of the world, Matthew 12:18: “Behold, My Servant whom I have chosen; My Beloved in whom My soul is well-pleased; I will put My Spirit upon Him, And He shall proclaim justice to the Nations” (Isaiah 42:1). It is significant to note that Messiah Jesus observed this festival, also known as "The Feast of Dedication" John 10:22-23. Yeshua also said, "I am the light of the world. He that follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life." John 8:12.


SEATTLE SHALOM FELLOWSHIP: Pray especially for David who co-leads the Seattle work. He has severe arthritis, sleep apnea, and recently a right knee replacement, and problems similar to fibromyalgia. Pray much for Peggy and David our local Seattle team leaders.


WITNESSING CAMPAIGN NYC: It is not too soon to begin praying and thinking about our New York City Witnessing Campaign. Dates for 2017 are August 10-18. Abe will be in New York City, August 09-19, to train a team and lead them in reaching the City for Jesus. Three million Jewish people live in NYC. 99.7% of them are not saved. We are praying for a team of 10-15 to come on our short term missions outreach. Pray for strength, health, wisdom, and Jewish people to stop, talk and take our literature, contacts to follow up and decisions for Jesus. If you are interested in joining our team please contact us as soon as possible. Contact us at awakeoisraeljm@aol.com This is a short-term missions opportunity open to anyone from age 16 and on, with a heart to share the Gospel with Jews and Gentiles in NYC.


JETS REGIONALS ARE COMING! The Lord has opened an opportunity in the Metropolitan District of The Christian and Missionary Alliance to begin training and resourcing churches in the District on how to effectively witness to Jewish people.. We will begin in the North Region which includes counties surrounding New York City, all of Long Island, NY, and New Jersey. Abe will be presenting Jewish Evangelism Training Seminars beginning sometime after the first of the year. We will find a host church and then invite the churches in that region to the seminar. Please pray for the Lord’s leading and meeting all needs and a very positive response from the churches to come to the seminar. This will begin in the North region and then be repeated in the Urban and South regions of this district. There are approximately 120 churches in the district. Four million unsaved unreached Jewish people live in the district and Jewish people are within the reach of many of the churches.

“Jewish people are not unreachable, they are just unreached.”©

For God’s Glory and Israel’s Salvation,
Abe and Janet Sandler


Our mission: We exist to bring the good news of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus to Jewish people in the United States of America and worldwide, and to make disciples of Jewish believers.


Newsletter and E-mail Prayer Information: We send out our paper newsletter 4 times a year. We also send out a monthly email update: these contain up-to-date information on: campaigns, contacts, congregations and prayer requests. Contact us for JETS at your church, missions presentations, interest in short-term missions for Summer 2016, college visits & more!


Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries” is a “Not for profit 501©3” ministry that serves the C&MA districts and churches, as well as other denominations, churches, and individuals that request help in reaching Jewish people with the Gospel of our Messiah Jesus.


Contributions should be sent to Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries, 9820 Woodfern Rd., Philadelphia Pa 19115. Checks should be made out to “Awake O Israel Jewish Ministries” or AOIJM.

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