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From: Answering God's call

Posted by elizabethcog , 02 April 2012 · 1497 views

I was walking in the park like I have done for years.There are alot of homeless and down and out and I feel it is important that I share what I have.The best thing I have to share is what Jesus has done for me and I am commanded to share the good News with those that otherwise might not here.I sometimes share some food,a blanket and conversation.So this particular morning I am walking along and praying and praising God for his creation and I ask him if there is something He needs me for that I am willing and ready whatever it may be.....Well He heard and called there was a woman on a picnic table I passed once but for some unknown reason I did't want to pass her again I wasn't scared I just didn't want her to talk to me and I was certain she would.I have never felt this way before and I did feek kind of silly so I passed her.Her head was down and I asked are you ok? She looked up and stood and said I have been waitng for you,she wanted to look at my hand and said fire! when she did she wanted to feel my neck at the back where it is bony,yes you are the one please come and sit I need to talk to you....I am so surprised that I did we had a converstion about the wierdest things.She said she had left 2demons in her apt.,she said she was some kind of angel and I was a star helper....she knew lots of scripturelly correct facts but they were mixed with some crazy things....she wanted to call down another angel and pray to him she said I was going to war and would need a weapon.She took out a switchblade and wanted me to take it.Finally the Holy Spirit spoke through me I told her all about God and Jesus and not to pray to anyone except God in Jesus' name.I still am shocked at this but through talking to others I think that God usrd me to try and help her and I pray I did God justice with my words and I am so thankful for His protection as I later realized she could have hurt me with the very weapon she tried to give me .I told her no hon I do not need that weapon God and His word are mightier than any weapon.Please pray for her she said her name is Courtney.

Source: Answering God's call

Jul 04 2012 08:01 PM
Some time has passed and now Iknow that God used Courtney to also help open my eyes to the very real dangers of this broken world we live in.I never really considered the danger before this event,while I pray I always answer God's call to share the good news I am more aware of my surroundings and ask and pray for God's guidance and protection!Yes,you have to ask but you also have to believe before you can recieve,peace and love in Christ=)
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