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The Danger of Eye Contact

Posted by Bill , 20 January 2014 · 1266 views

Iíve had the privilege of being overseas to live but more recently to visit international workers. One of the first major cross cultural nuances you can learn about is eye contact. In Europe or the US (among those of Euro-heritage) it is a sign of honesty and respect, in much of Asia it is a sigh of confrontation even aggression, and in the Middle East and other countries it may be okay between the same gender but not to the opposite sex.

Does the God who created all ethnic cultures have a twist on eye contact? I think the Bible teaches he does. Much like looking into the eyes of a lover, can you not look into His eyes? He woos us and longs to make eye contact with us. We can celebrate the lack of culture and ethnicity Jesus represents. His eyes are on us, he wants eye contact with us. There is a problem when that takes place though, there is a cost of eye contact with Jesus.

Again, like looking into the eyes of a lover, we must choose to reciprocate the expectancy of intimacy or ignore it. We feel the emotion, are a bit confused by it, but understand the cost. The cost is our life. Will I commit my mind, body and spirit to the singular commitment to Jesus Christ and his use of my life? Will I be faithful to the relationship he offers to me, an eternity of intimacy with the creator God? Will I choose to return his eye contact and stare into a future dominated by his love? Look into the eyes of the Savior.

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