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Layers, Labels and Lies

Posted by Bill , 19 October 2013 · 1154 views

One of the most destructive illusions we adopt as ransomed heathens who start to mature into respectable Christians is the tendency to simplify the world. We are told faith is simple and want the temporal world we deal with simplified. In order to do that categories become established. These categories then help us to divide humans we come into contact with into premeditated slots. Some example slots are age, economics, ethnicity, and faith status. We develop a demographic filter so we can organize those around us into layers (levels of importance for our attention) or by labels.

The problem is that these layers and labels then can support lies. The slot we have placed a person into can dictate how the relationship develops before we start to discover Godís purpose for that relationship. In our professional life this takes on the persona of jockeying for position and power. In our personal life it takes the form of how we appear to others and what the payoff for a relationship can potentially be. The intent of the resurrection of Jesus and the ensuing redeemed life in the shadow of his grace to worship God is then neutered.

If we dictate the meaning of our life in Christ by creating simplified layers and labels in order to shrink the world into our grasp we miss the point. The point is that the life we have been lovingly invited to participate in is centered on pleasing the Godhead, not centered on our ability to control it. Personally, many times I am most comfortable in life when I can layer and label those around me. But that comfort is the illusion and the life is a lie. I thank the Spirit, who guides us when we choose to listen, because He is patient and kind to hit the redo button. Only then can we approach relationships in childlike trust with the intent of representing Jesus and not ourselves.

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Oct 19 2013 08:47 AM
Wise words here, thank you for sharing brother,much food for thought for all of us.
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