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Let's Do This

Posted by Ralph Trainer , 20 September 2013 · 1792 views

Let's Do This

I officiated a wedding this past weekend. I've been asking myself since, "What if I lived with this intentionality?" Printed on the Wedding Program was Matthew 28:19. When I walked into the reception, there was a very noticable sign that said, "Mathew 28:19" -- it almost felt like a Missions Conference.
These are the vows the couple wrote and made, before God and those present last weekend.
I want to make you three promises today.

My first promise is to always love God.

I will always pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus.

I commit to reading, studying and memorizing Godís Word

I commit to pray for you every day.

My second promise is to make disciples.

Weíre better at this together than we would be individually.

I will hold you accountable to be actively making disciples.

Godís plans supersede our plans, no matter the cost.

My third promise is to love you selflessly.

I want my love for you to be as selfless as Christís love for us.

My love for you is not dependant on our circumstances.

Donít worry about looking out for yourself anymore; Iím looking out for you now.

I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

Letís do this.

Ralph Trainer -- Beulah Beach

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Matthew DeCoste
Sep 23 2013 03:37 PM

Love it Ralph. That couple will face challenges like we all do but what a great way to start!

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