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On-Site with Insight

Posted by Don Sappington , 27 July 2013 · 1177 views

There are some things that you just have to experience firsthand to really understand; you know what I mean.

A friend told me of the thrill of skydiving, but i cannot fully appreciate it because I havce not experienced it myself. I have seen amazing photos of landscapes and historical sites; but it is just not the same if you have not been there yourself, is it?

What if you could personally experience the pioneer work of the Alliance near the coast of the Mediterranean? What would it be like to walk the shores of North Africa and reflect on the fact that you could approach nearly 35,000 people there before one could tell you about salvation through the work and person of Jesus Christ?

We are organizing an exposure trip to connect with our Alliance international workers, walk among the ancient ruins and visit a temple where babies were once sacrificed to Baal. In this place where Christianity at one time flourished, now only a few church pillars remain. You will be faced with spiritual darkness unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Then swing over to Portugal, where Alliance workers pioneer among people who have a heritage of Christianity but where many have all but lost its heart and meaning in their lives. The squeaky hinges of Portugal's heavy doors, dating back 1,000 of years, do not move easily; nor do the doors to peoples hearts and belief system, based on long traditions, just swing open. How do you speak to them of a personal faith? How do you plant new seeds in this soil?

Vision Mediterranean 2014 (October 8 - 22) will take you to these two locations: Portugal and a North African country. This trip is especially for Alliance missions leaders, pastors, and other leaders who have not had the opportunity to visit an Alliance international ministry site. We want you to experience The Alliance in action firsthand!

Registration details and cost information can be found at www.cmalliance.org/resources/missions then click the "trips" tab on the left. Contact The Office of Missions Mobilization for more information: sappingtond@cmalliance.org

You are invited on sight to gain insight and view The Alliance in action.

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